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  • blood_butt blood_butt Apr 12, 2013 10:17 AM Flag


    There is a push to come to some common currency. Others will attempt it. Gold and Silver are loosing their luster as that medium. I think this is the best silver company out there. I will buy when no one wants to own it.

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    • simple kinks people wont pay tax people will love it TOO BAD GOVERNMENTS.

      you cannot tax barter.

      bitcoin exchange can be said to be barter instead.

      bit coins are worthless thus they cannot say it is worth anything until they convert it to real dollars. OH YES tax loophole.

      because you never sell bit coins for dollars then you never incur a tax

      the problem is when you need dollars you convert bit coins for dollars then you get taxed.

    • that looks like right about now to me :)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So will any currency not broadly supported by the international markets such as Bitcoin really become viable?
      Think about it.

      What government is going to allow tangible purchase of assets with a currency that they cannot control?
      What about future internet taxation (ie Amazon recent taxation concession to New York state for example)?
      Any one of a number of countries might target to erase or establish chaos into the Bitcoin currency or similar if it is against their interests.

      If someone can explain how this could become a true medium of exchange without being subject to government takedown, please explain.

      I'll concede that I may not truly understand the ins and outs of Bitcoin.

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