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  • kenberthiaume123 kenberthiaume123 May 17, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    what happened to the silver shortage?

    I've been reading about it for years.
    Is there enough metal in storage to make up for any mining shortfalls? IE from silverware, junk etc.? Or was there never really a mining shortage to begin with?
    Interesting though, Silver is up about 15x since the late 60s. Gold is up about 50x. Something like that.

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    • Sorry, but you listened either to fools or to swindlers. Silver shortage didn’t exist for all these years. It is possible (very remote possibility) that, in case of collapse in silver mining, production can drop to the point when industrial demand can outpace mining output plus recycling. It would require 20-30% reduction and so far silver producers talk either about maintaining current production or even about increases. It will take time and serious trials before industry starts downsizing.

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      • Ah, a refreshing trio of trolls!

      • warmcamp, your take on this issue in more detail: Miners were producing so little a decade ago; now it seems they annually produce another 15 or 20 percent, and this figure compounds year after year. Is gold different? There, I read everywhere that good minable gold is nowhere to be found; these days a deposit of two grams per ton is highly unusual, vs. the 5 grams or more of 30 or 40 years ago. now we get a gram a ton, and with costs going up and up and up, a gram of ton is a very thin margin, so if the price of the prize goes down, from 1800 to 1200, all of the new deposits are no longer economic. My question is that I do not read that silver is like gold at all, but maybe I am not reading the right articles; i.e. the same thing is happening but I am just not reading the good material, which is indeed available. what do you think about this subject, as it might have relevance on what to buy when this huge move down stops.... tia. johnnyola

    • there is no silver shortage on the earth. Every silver miner is increasing silver production year over year. Untill they reverse the trend, we will not see silver price recory.

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