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  • voltran3 voltran3 May 31, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    Why I like SSRI better than AG?


    Why I like SSRI better?

    From Yahoo Finance:
    1. good cash per share
    2. lower p/e
    3. lower peg
    4. lower p/s
    5. very high book value
    6. lower shares outstanding
    7. something about PVG and SSRI.....need to research this one that I am not sure.

    There are more!

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    • SSRI is a great company to trade of lately with a nice swing in the price range, but as far a LONG play, IMHO, AG is the winner by a longshot. Marvin's post said what it would have taken a few minutes to quote from the financials, but it's common knowledge that there isn't a more efficient producer around buck for buck than AG. People posting are waiting for another sell-off in silver so they can buy AG for 8-9.00, gotta be kidding, this thing is already down over 50% and just starting to get rolling again. If you bought now and looked back in a year I'm sure you would be a happy camper. If your thinking I'm gonna catch it at the very lowest price, you might, but chances are you will be chasing another shooting star before you even realize you missed this opportunity. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH.........SILVER IS LOW

    • Voltran,
      I hereby assign you the "stupid analyst of the month" award. In fact, I'll give you 2nd and 3rd place also.
      Here are a few facts:
      1.) SSRI had negative earnings last quarter and that may average out to a slightly lower PE ttm than AG but the reason can be found in number poor earnings last quarter
      2.) SSRI had a calculated break even cost of $22.30 per ounce which is ok but it could never compare to AG
      Break even cost per ounce at $17.71. In short, no one produces an ounce of silver for a lower price than AG.
      3.) SSRI had a cost of revenues as a % of total revenues at 70% while AG had a cost of revs at 37%%.
      No other silver producer comes close.
      4.) SSRI had negative earnings last quarter while AG had income at 38% of revenue.
      Here's a prediction for 2nd Q which will report in August:
      SSRI will again report negative earnings. These will be so negative in fact that the ttm PE will be negative also. I expect AG income to come in at 25% of revenue.

      You may also be interested to know that AG will increase production from 12 million oz to 16 million oz by end 2014 all while buying back 5% of their shares.

      Good luck with SSRI and please pick up your award at your convenience.

    • And thankfully, SSRI doesn't have any major assets in a locale where they could be nationalized, I mean, can you imagine?

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