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  • plk599 plk599 Oct 9, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Some Earnings Reflections from 2nd Quarter

    The 2nd quarter of 2013 was the toughest silver environment since 2009.
    The following is an eps summary of major silver producers last quarter (2nd quarter):

    Loss/share: SSRI= -2.92; PAAS= -1.23; CDE= -0.35; HL= -0.08; FSM= -0.08; GPL= -0.04; GORO= -0.03
    Gain/Share= AG= 0.00; EXK= 0.00... EXK showed some staying power at these depressed silver prices.

    However, recall that AG held back 700k ounces. As stated in conference call, they would have realized a +0.06 eps for the 2nd quarter if these 700k ounces were released in 2nd quarter.

    Conclusion: AG remains the low cost silver producer and with major capital expenditures behind them, they will remain so in this low cost environment.

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    • plk-enjoyed your post over on cde board---what acquisition does ag have in its sight next-a build out or accreative purchase-your point of view on preciosa has a lot of variables -iresponded to your cde post-

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      • edmundaronson,

        (1) The intent is to next develop La Luz for 2017 production. In permitting stage now.
        (2) The La Guitarra mine just on line this year from purchase of Silvercrest will produce 3 million oz in 2016
        (3) La Parilla has 69,000 hectares but only 20% drilled
        (4) Del Toro will ramp up from current 1 million ounces to 6 million ounces by 2015
        (5) Read the latest on Bolanos mine $93 million judgment in AG favor last month.
        This mine isn't even discussed by management because there is no plan yet.
        (7) Multiple resource exploration planned for all mine sites when silver price recovers

        First Majestic has stated (Denver Gold Forum presentation video) that they will have 16 million ounces by end of 2014 and target 20 million ounces by 2017.

        But again, the resources are only part of the story. The real story is that AG gets silver out of the ground
        with the highest prifit margins in the industry, bar none.


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