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  • rcch12342003 rcch12342003 Apr 6, 2011 11:19 AM Flag


    It is an anchor to the whole industry.

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    • And another thing, nobody is talking about solar powered cars. Solar power is not a substitute for gasoline.

      And another thing, all your numbers prove is that the installed base of solar power in the US is tiny compared to where it will be in a few years. Ah but you don't know they are installing tens of GW. It doesn't work, right? What a friggen moron. You deserve to go broke for trading on such stupid ideas.

    • You live in WI. This explains everything.

      Why do you mention natural gas? We were talking about oil. Is it because oil isn't used in the production of electricity? Isn't that key here? That solar produces electricity. I agree cars don't run on SOLAR but electric cars are becoming more and more and more prelavent. And those cars are powered by electiricty. And you can connect a solar plant in NM to the grid and sell the surplus from that plant even to the boonies in WI. Your 6 month baby will really appreciate less polution and these renewable energies in 18 years. Until then you can hold on to your
      resistant to change, and improvements point of views.

    • You can't be serious. You are actually questioning whether solar power works? That's funny. You do realize that tens of GW have installed worldwide over the last few years and they continue to add tens of GW. Gee, you'd think they wouldn't be adding GW if it doesn't work. What a friggen moron.

    • I'm sorry, it completely slipped my mind that 95% of the country is on solar power to heat their homes and water, and power their cars. Oh wait, the number is closer to 85%? How about 75%, or 65%, or 55%, or 45%, or 35%, or 25%, or 15%??

      I guess I got my facts wrong, the number of houses and drivers using solar power is closer to 5%. I was way out to lunch.

      If it was such a great source of energy, why are there ZERO cars running on solar, and less than 5% of all US households using in their homes? I got an answer for ya dip s-h-i-t.....because when it rains for a week and is cloudy, guess, what - IT DON'T PH-U-C-K-I-N work! Works pretty good when the sun shines, but in northern WI where the sun don't shine for most of January, guess what - totally inefficient method of keeping your 6 month old baby warm.

      Now go back to playing with your self in the corner of your solar powered home, with the 20 year payback on the exhorbitant price of the complete system. Meanwhile, I'll be cozy and comfortable in my home with the natural gas furnace and electrically powered AC unit and conveniently driving to work in my NON-SOLAR, NON-ELECTRIC powered car! Save your liberal BS and ideas for some other idiot idealogue that actually cares for your ridiculous theories.

    • "Solar do[es]n't work."

      Funny, I can't figure out how I am able to write my responses to you from my computer in my off-grid, 100% solar powered home.

      I mean since it doesn't work and all. Gee I guess I'm living in some made up liberal bias fantasy world.

      And oil is renewing. Yes and dinosaurs still roam the earth.

      Do some reading indeed.

      Something other than dirty energy company propaganda would be a good start.

    • Pretty dumb and ignorant statements. If you are short I get it, say whatever to make money. Most shorts are like that. So are longs. If you actually believe it, than you are an idiot.

      See chart below.

      Just because we are getting better at getting it out of the ground, doesn't mean it's cheaper to do so. Oil sands is extremely expensive and pollution oriented way of getting oil and thats where we are going. Oil production is decreasing. Yes there is a ton left, but there is no way its going down to $60 in 5 years and if it does it will be because of electric cars and green energy not because of oversupply. Get real buddy.

    • Ah yes, do some reading, and you will find out OIL is in fact renewing all the time, and is NOT the finite resource they once thought. This is a myth, (finite resource) perpetrated by the liberal, left-wing, whack-nuts in this country to get us on wind, solar and all the other "green" energies that DONT work.

      They were telling us oil was going to run out and we would have shortages in the mid 70's, and this proceeded to bump the price of gas at the pump from $.309 to $.60 overnight. They sold us a bunch of BS, because here we are nearly a half a century later and guess what - no oil shortages, and no Saudi or Gulf oil wells running dry. I guess we were dumb for believing the dept. of energy, huh?

    • Okay, now you must be trying to be ironic. A pro-oil guy talking about the long term unsustainability of solar due to some solar company from 35 years ago going out of business.

      Yeah, a lot of companies go out of business, and new ones arise.

      Meanwhile, back in reality, the finite resource of oil is running out. Oil companies more desperately looking for deep harder to refine, heavy crude, new deep drilling processes, etc..

      Long term, which you claim is your concern, only massive increases in efficiency, conservation, and a switch to renewable alternatives, will wean us off oil as the lubricant of the global economy.

      Notice I'm only talking from a supply and cost perspective. From an investment point of view we don't even need to get into the fact that our dependence on dirty energy (oil, coal, nuke) is rapidly destroying the planet and all of us who live on it through climate change, pollution, wars, etc. From a moral perspective, perhaps.

    • The value of a stock is a function of the present value of all future income streams. An event that might occur 5 years in the future has nil value for two reasons: 1) because of the uncertainty regarding whether it will occur and 2) because if you discount a cash flow 5 years in the future to today, you get very little value.

      I have never heard of AMSK and don't know the history behind them but I suspect there's no similiarity between them then and Jinko today. That was 34 years ago for God's sakes. Solar was a pipe dream then. Today it is a reality.

      And last, crude oil is not used to generate electricity in its natural form and therefore has nil effect on solar stocks.

    • Actually oil has little to do with the price of solar, other than in a psycology of the market sense.

      I hope you are not using a trading paradigm from 35 years ago to trade today...and of course there is nothing certain about financial stability of any company long term--duh!--and yet people still invest.

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