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  • DSONG76771 DSONG76771 Jun 14, 2012 1:54 PM Flag

    JKS should buy back as JASO did

    Where is the ceo of jks? where is he hiding?

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    • If you do not have any clue about solar energy just shut up and do not
      mislead the investors about the solar energy.
      Solar energy now is the fastest development sector in the world. China,
      USA, Saudi, Japan, Brazil, India, Austria all have big leap forward in
      solar energy. The over supply will soon be reversed in this year, let alone to 2015.
      Everytime, when solar sector rebounced in stock price, the wall street animals will step up to bash it.
      However the big picture has changed recently, Saudi the biggest oil produce country try to go to solar with initial invest 96 bil. That means, the fossil fuel is going to end. As the Kodak, when the digital
      camera invented, it is doomed to be erased, if it did not change the route quickly.

      Saudi Arab is smart moving to solar when its oil reserve is not exhausted now. If the investors did not see the future trend, they will lose the biggest opportunity in their life to invest
      solar energy now.

      People feel shame on you and the crooked wall street analysts keep bashing solar.

    • This is why DSONG is holding massive losses and still doesnt get iy. he has been had andf doesnt want to see the truth. worthless

    • Those Chinese solars listed in US market all have bil credit line back China major banks.
      Use them to buy back the beaten stock shares is a good investment now. They will also show the confidence of the managers that the stock price is way undervalued now.

    • bullenmark do you know how long youve called for a big rally? years? Do you even understamd if you had 100% rally or more you would still not be right? You need to read your posts from the past 2 years on the solar boards :( youve been wrong by amounts like -76 to -90% hOPE YOU HAVE A DAY JOB.

    • They did do a buyback at 7.00 and 6.00 Another waste of cash as they lost how much on that buyback? They could have waitted and bought two times as much . :)) JKs CEO IS A liar.

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