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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Nov 29, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    scam or not

    these solars can double in a month ..... the entire market is a scam so what's the point of complaining ??? ride the crooked coattails , make you some money , and go buy a new car ..... Chinese solars are at 52 week lows , Wall Street will pump and dump anything if they can make money , so forget about "legitimacy" , unless you plan on holding for a year ..... I would hold very few stocks for a year nowdays ...... every idiot news story is a catalyst for bulls or bears , just whatever is the flavor of the day ...... How long have you been hearing about "Europe Debt" ??? 2 years ????? and what has happened ???? Tons of #$%$ out there , simply to mess with your mind ..... YES the entire financial markets are going to crash and burn , YEP they sure are ...... But not now ..... IF this is not a rigged game , then how come the market always tanks in May ????? Why does the world all of a sudden see some "crisis" #$%$ in May ????? Because Wall Street goes to the Hamptons and plays on the Beach all Summer !!!!! THAT is why ...... Ya man , dis really be "investing" .....

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