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  • getintoh20 getintoh20 Jun 6, 2014 7:49 PM Flag

    Major headwinds facing JKS...

    1) Miss earnings last qt by 90% because of currency exchange, which will effect earnings for the next 2 qts , by 30% to 50%. Major debt problems, (960 Million) with very small cash flow. U.S tariffs just blew away their US market, which was 10% last qt. Earnings estimates need to come down dramatically for 2014. No way in hell they earn $2.98, more like $1.50. Which makes JKS a $12 to $15 stock at best.

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    • You do know that the Q2 earnings estimates went up for JKS?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Why this YMB is full of idiots like you? Impressive. Just think about the possibility of China imposing 50% import tariffs to all US products in China, stop buying US debt, stop using the dollar as international currency, making all kind of agreements with Russia....Do you think China is Afganistan or Iraq where the US army enters and kills the government of a sovereign country and do what they want? These tariffs just show one thing - the heavily indepted US companies like FSLR (obsolete technology), SUNE (losing 5 dollar per share), (SCTY - financial disaster), GTAT (very expensive technology, which is already available in China and other places for half of the price) all they may survive temporalily with these paleative measures.
      What the Chinese may do? More secondaries like Trina just did. The money they will lose with the tariffs will be paid by the ratail investors in more secondary offerings. But the prices for the elecric power produced by solar will be higher that that of other sources and this may hurt the industry and the US consumer. In no case, will hurt the China solar product manufacturers because: (i) US is small portion of their buisness, (ii) they will continue to finance their operations with Western money, after being profitable. Think about the Chinese restourant next to your house. If higher taxes are applied YOU PAY MORE. (sorry for my English, I am not native speaker)

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