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  • michael.jsong michael.jsong Jul 25, 2014 8:06 PM Flag

    speechless about this kind stupid trade war stuff

    but, there is nothing we can about it. Just have to wait the market to sort through... perhaps, the weekend may help us a little... may be the Chinese may fight back... then, that is good about this? Will this help our firms doing more business in China?

    It is really short-sighted act....

    nonetheless, this is just an initial step.. I guess the two sides may get into serious talks about to... let's hope for the best outcome for both...

    from a investing point of view, people should consider this as a excellent chance to own... solar is one of future bright spots...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Probably the tariffs will be abolished after the big fishes buy everything very cheap. They want not only war with China but with mother-nature. They do not want clean energy.The tariffs will not affect China but will help the US companies like FSLR and SPWR. In general will affect 90 US companies and will favour the oil, gas and coal companies plus US solars.

    • No it makes for a great short. JKS will tank to $20 or less on Monday, $15 or less by Friday. JKS along with other Chinese solar companies just lost the entire US market, that is huge! They also will lose the German market.Short all u can on Monday

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      • ??? where are you? :-) good luck to you!

      • You think people are as stupid as you?

        From nytimes article:
        In China, the looming possibility of even higher tariffs has alarmed the industry, even though its dependence on the American market has already shrunk, and is prompting at least some executives to consider shifting production elsewhere, possibly the United States. Existing tariffs have already limited sales of Chinese solar panels to the United States, to the point that they account for a little less than a tenth of the Chinese industry’s worldwide sales.

        Steven Han, a solar industry analyst at SWS Research, an investment analyst based in Shanghai, said that without adding more tariffs, Chinese manufacturers would account for two to three gigawatts out of an American market of about five gigawatts this year. By contrast, Chinese manufacturers supply virtually all of China’s market, the world’s largest, which could reach 14 gigawatts this year. They also ship about five gigawatts each to the European Union and Japan each year, with smaller shipments to markets like Thailand.

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