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  • DaveScatt DaveScatt Jan 23, 2006 1:45 PM Flag


    I've done as much cleanup as I can regarding my limbs. Tree people will have to finish the rest.

    I saw you're post to Asoko on the UNH board. I'm sure he'll be able to answer you much better. Personally I didn't understand the #'s you had posted. Perhaps my parameters are a little skewed.

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    • So far, so good. I hopefully understand it better now and make a few refinements here and there.

    • Dave, I guess it bugged me reading 2 posts here on the same day that totally misunderstood what I said or to whom I responded. Typically, I don't get bothered except when posts are way off base or just plain wrong as in both cases today, and mostly I just ignore insults. Hey, it's cyberspace and anything goes, it seems.

      Cynic has been OK in the past, but "assfor"( he even spells his personaliity-attributed handle incorrectly) is now on ignore.

      How is your new stock-picking system going?

    • When the real jackasses show up, the good people get on the defensive a bit. I believe he made an honest error on that thread.

    • He made a mistake. I try to change the subject line when I post to lead to less confusion. Just an error. Cynic is a good guy.

    • Geez, what and how do I have to write to be understood correctly? How far down do I have to "dumb it" to be understood?

      Cynic, you responded to my reply to "assforamerica" or whomever he is today, as my reply was not intended for you. Read his post to see what I was responding to. And, please read both posts carefully.

      Is it the new education standards today, where 12th graders are given 8th grade level tests to graduate high school? Must be. Dave, what do you think?

    • Bob's reply was to ASS of America.

    • Ass showed up at the same time Dolt did. I quickly ignored both. Probably one and the same. I know where you've stood on CVH.

      Not that you should check on my accuracy but Cool rarely if ever posts anything about a stock. His picking on other postings must be a full time hobby. Such a waste.

    • With all due respect bob, it's not my brain that's disconnected. I have not one comment of any kind directed to you. None.

      I use this board, and others, to trade information and ideas to learn and make money. Period. I'm not into name calling.

      Maybe it would help to take a deep breath before you hit the keys and type something like:

      "If you are going to complain about or criticize others on this board, be sure to engage what brain you have before doing so"

    • You need to get a new brain as you have very poor if any reading comprehension. In my post I said I made 16% more on CVH by trading 4X in a a year than just holding it throughout. Read it again won't you, as you even quoted me and still you didn't understand it. Sad.

      If you are going to complain about or criticize others on this board, be sure to engage what brain you have before doing so.

    • They show up from time to time. I guess they have nothing better to do than make up new ID's. After a couple of posts, I know what to do.

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