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  • jmnail jmnail Feb 5, 2004 9:30 PM Flag

    the fog of war is a good documentary

    as someone who was too young to remember the vietnam war as it happened it is great to see Bob McNamara talk about his role in that conflict and his role in ww2 (the good war)..

    since i became an adult I have studied alot of the history and decisions that led to our 20 year i have a pretty solid understanding of the BIG picture and the players...

    However, since I was alive and aware - meaning i remember some parts of the conflict I think my memories are instructive too...

    I recall living in Rhode Island in the summer of 1971 (same time Kerry was on the hill as a vet) and my friend had an older brother that he mentioned, but i didn't understand why he wasn't around. Their father, as I recall, was distant and a Navy vet but he had problems because he didn't work and probably drank too ur typical screwed up American family...

    However, at the end of the summer I received a call to me from the Dad whom I had never really spoken too ( i was 8 at the time), but he asked me to come to the phone. Then, he explained to me that it would be better that I did not come by the house for a while..Because..he said that he had just gone into federal court and testified against his son for avoiding the draft and that in open court his son screamed "IM gonna kill you" and that he had subsequently escaped from federal custody...

    people don't realize today how truly divisive that war became and it really heated up only after years of frustration of being involved with it....

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    • Oarod,

      I was looking out three years for TEN. Remember I had a friend say, "Its a $30 in three years." I was holding off on adding more if it didn't fill the second gap. It did and I am pissed I didn't buy more. Oh well I'll be watching a waiting to add more. Also, It doesn't hurt to trade things these days. Money inthe pocket is my motto after screwing up big time three years, make that four years ago.

      Good luck on all your trades.

      PS Watch for CGFW to break out if it beats itself silly through 10-10.50.

    • Ten - I should've been buying when I was selling. If we get this correction everybody thinks we are going to have I might buy again.

      UBET - Still have my original position.

    • Oarod1,

      I think you are right with UBET. The numbers may leak. But, then again this management team has been very good at keeping the chatter down. And they seem to get it unlike the former group. You have to do alot of reading and searching to figure out what's happening there these days, which is good.

      Good luck on all your trades.

      PS-How do you like the move in TEN today? It filled the gap up? :o) Also, UAIR came out with better than the worse case quarterly numbers. Any time its in the low 4's, I think you can get a $1 to $2 pop. If they settle the work rule issues, its moving to double digits IMHO.

    • One more comment on Ubet, it seems to me that the information on the options might get leaked before it is announced. The stock should then react ahead of the announcement.

    • Dson, ubet will announce earnings next week so they are in the quite period. Do you think they'll announce what will be done with their options at that time or will that be resolved later?

    • I'm a Nam vet and in my humble opinion,

      McNamara is a piece of xxxxx. He has the audacity to make money on books that state now that we shouldn't have been there after wasting thousands of lives and ruining countless others by continuing a war that we should have never been involved in.

      He should give the profits to the people whose lives he ruined. Maybe he should even go to jail for violating the public trust.

      Just my opinion


    • Here's an issue I don't think has been brought up on the board. Are any of you into real estate? I bought a townhouse last year for a rental and am buying another home soon. Arizona is a hot market and I thought it would be a good way to diversify. I figure a couple of properties now and then wait for a potential period of cool housing markets and buy more at the bottom. It can be a good way to invest using other peoples money (the banks).

      • 2 Replies to oarod1
      • Oarod,
        I am thinking about buying
        some investment properties.
        My house has appriciated 30% in 1 year.

        I am a preferred lender for a developer out here.
        I was thinking about buying one of the houses
        and selling it a year later.
        The appreciation rate here is incredible.
        Let me know if I can hook you up
        with some financing options on your investment property. I found a great loan for
        a couple buying their 4th house(investment).
        Or better yet, some real estate ideas.

      • a friend of mine does the real estate thing, imo, the best way..he stayed in the town where we lived for college..actually it was a little outside the college town and more part of the town, but it was filled with small working class houses (probably orginally financed with gi bill money) and he bot one house a year in the early 90s before this huge run-up (all in the low 100s)...

        he had a captive rental market in students,but what he also has is contacts with local "dudes" that can perform all the expensive maintainence and he lives within a few miles of all his he often rents rooms and not houses and maximizes his revenue that way...

        but the best thing is..he bot these houses years not sure hed pay what the market is offering today for new houses but ill ask him..

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