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  • jmnail jmnail Jul 9, 2004 11:12 PM Flag

    f 9-11 to me

    typifies the inanity of our political discourse....moore put together a bunch of images...the images are real as well as the stuff like so and so took money from bl family 20 years ago....moore adds a little inflamatory commentary - like linking bush family to binladen or implying afghan was about a pipeline...and somehow this is seen as a threat to bush....will f 9-11 change some minds - maybe but will that even account for all the other millions of reasons people actually vote on election day..or the fact that some may push the wrong button because they didnt understand the ballot or they have cataracks and the new touch screen voting machines may have poor resolution for them...

    not sure why either said has gotten so worked up over it...the dems cheer it and the republicans run away from it...its just a film with images and words..all protected by our precious bill of rights....although i find the republican response to be almost knee-jerk as in they exhort people not to see god its just a film.. are we not capable of dealing with a film or a book anymore that doesnt agreee with our view of the world...

    it would be nice if we could as a nation decide collectively whether we want a government that spends 34 pct on GDP but now has a tax system that structurally now only collects 29 pct and what we gonna do about that...

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    • I want to see it but I don't want to give my money or my time to Michael Moore. He's so far left that I'd consider him to be a fanatic. I don't want to support fanatics whether they be liberal or conservative.

      What I don't understand is how someone can call themselves a humanitarian, fighting against an evil president and yet say that Iraq wasn't a problem. Whatever Bush has done to decieve the American people is nothing compared to what Saddam did to the Iraqi people.

      One more thought: I can't imagine what Saddam would have done to an Iraqi independant film maker who decided to release a film in Iraq bashing the Hussein family. Probably the same thing that Michael Moore does to a cheeseburger.

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