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  • oarod1 oarod1 Oct 27, 2004 12:30 PM Flag

    What am I?

    The EU25 has a larger gdp than the US. As Europe consolidates power they will be the 800lb gorilla. Curious no one really pays attention to this.

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    • from!!!!

      Missed You, Too, Mr. Rumsfeld

      Rummy's back! After disappearing to an undisclosed location around the time of the Abu Ghraib scandal, acerbic SecDef Donald Rumsfeld was seen prowling the Pentagon's fifth corridor on Thursday en route to do some radio interviews. When he passed a couple of reporters, including the New York Times' Thom Shanker, Rumsfeld quickly unsheathed his much-missed rapier wit.

      "Thom, what are you doing here?" Rumsfeld asked.

      A rather confused Shanker replied, "What do you mean, Mr. Secretary?"

      With his sly smile, Rummy teased as he strolled on by: "I thought all the New York Times reporters were out working on the Kerry campaign."

    • yet the exact opposite reaction is one of seeing the picture and the emotion it stirs in all Americans...that of fear and hatred....

      and of course we know who will benefit from the visceral reaction..don't we?

      did BL just win the election for BUSH?

      could be....

    • oh boy...what an october surprise this was...

      interesting thing is one reaction to BL and his message would be this:

      1. Bush said, we will never have a tradional end to this war because we dont have someone we can negotiate with..

      depite three years...there he is ...BL...and i would say undisputed leader of not only Al Queda...but with Arafat dying...the main face of Arab terrorism in the american mind....

      and his message sounded alot like TERMS if you want to call them that...but that's what they are: TERMS of negotiation... u leave us alone...well leave u alone....

      2. there he is ....after 3 years of fighting the War on terror....the number 1 guy is still there...still issuing orders....

      this should resonate in the mind of the voter....

      hey wasn't this our number 1 threat....why are we in Iraq again?

    • Mr. Oarod, I think the reason for this is that Europe doesn't trade or manufacture in a single block. While the Euro is used across the continent, national rules and regulations regarding manufacturing and export still impede a truly unified market. Plus, the UK doesn't participate in the Euro. Language is still an issue, and politically, Europe is literally all over the map. China is where it's at. The Chinese will drive oil up to $100/barrel.

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