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  • stevesnull stevesnull Apr 16, 2011 7:59 AM Flag


    Friday AZK SP was huge disappointment for me, after recent very positive drilling news at Marban with good potential gold numbers produced, on the same day as Gold looking strong, little buying pressure. Next day gold remained strong up over $13 oz, but Sp closes down double digits. Recent Wellington announcement to lower Azk SP target from 8.40 to 8.00 should not be a major factor. One month ago Clarus raised target from $7 to $8.50 with a buy given. I find it hard to believe that the operating costs announcement has put the brakes on SP going up. It should be clear that the price of gold now and going forward will be high enough for Azk to continue making a profit. The gold is not going anywhere, therefore, when they do get it out of the ground, it will be profitable. It is also likely that future drilling results will show more potential gold finds. Maybe with a high PE and the threat of downgrades from first quarter earnings, investors want to wait and see real profit margins made before they buy in? Maybe they do not want to get trapped, with any sudden drop due to volatility of SP? What I hoped would occur, happened, good drilling results at same time as gold acting strong. It’s, obviously going to take more to get buyers back and turn this trend around. Maybe with large overhead supply and lower target Sp, leaves no room for SP to run , to much selling pressure as SP approaches $8 range. Better gold potential stocks?

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    • Again, gold strong and Azk SP weak, why? Process of elimination: not the price of gold, will gold acting great and moving to record prices and Sp not reacting. Not good news of drilling, recent news positive and news of 44% increase in profitable mine was great, but no positive reaction. Not the good analysts reports, all $8 or above targets, with no sell given, SP trading well below the lowest predictions. Not financials which show no debt and enough funds to finance future exploration. Not long term plans which show 6 potential exploration sites with AZK gaining majority interests in future profits if gold discovered, all agreements signed during good period for AZK. By the process of elimination, I due not have a rational explanation for weak SP. Maybe someone is manipulating SP, or some news coming which is negative?

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    • Many mining stocks were down yesterday, my guess is that oil prices rising faster than gold put the kabash on them.