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  • horror_fn horror_fn Nov 12, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

    A $5 stock until better news comes out...

    Sell off from bad report is over now. Earnings will be better in the future. Gold will be higher in the future. Undervalued at the current price.

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    • The next question is whether white knight bidders will emerge. According to veteran analyst Michael Fowler of Loewen Ondaatje McCutcheon, it is a strong possibility. He has a target price on Aurizon of $6.00 a share, well above the cash-and-stock offer from Alamos of $4.65.

      “We feel that the [Alamos] bid is too low to succeed and that there will be other suitors, such as possibly Agnico-Eagle or Iamgold,” he wrote. “We feel Aurizon will not be acquired for under $5.00.”

    • Stay the course my friend, there are never clear paths for us to follow to our pots of gold! My last buy came in at $3.31 and will add again if we go down to around three bucks. Have not seen much from you and stopped going to the EGO board quite a while back. Does AC still post over there anymore. There were only a few posts worth reading besides his and yours when I left it. Best wishes to you and your investments this year!

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    • Accumulation by me...This company makes money and costs are lower than the industry average. No debt. Seems like a falling knife. Cheap shares.

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    • Yep, I think AZK is undervalued at the current price. I'm getting ready to buy back in, this time for the duration. I had a really nice run with PPP, now going to rebalance into EXK, AZK, and CRCUF Saw an interview with Jonn Embry of Sprott Asset Management where he talked about how poorly the mining shares have done. Like this company for example. Well, the company is still profitable, even in hard times it generates cash, it has $200M or so in the bank, it is able to self-fund exploration and development, and it is well positioned for the surge in gold prices which is coming. Might take longer than we want, but it's coming.

      The markets aren't broken, they're FIXED. That's what has been going on here to some extent. The price of some of these miners is being suppressed, to keep folks from flocking into the shares. So any excuse for downturn, like poor ore grades in a quarter is used to really beat down a gold miner. It's because they hate gold. If you really love fiat money then you got to hate gold. OK, I love fiat money too, but it doesn't look like that great a place to store your wealth.

      Oh well, at least the election is over. Now we can all get back to NOT worrying about the fiscal cliff.

      This one is now been beaten down enough to attract my interest, it's been clobbered. And I like the management at AZK, listened to a presentation by the George the CEO, and read over the transcript of the last CC. They seem very focused on developing the company's assets in he right way. They haven't overpaid for another company, they seem very conservative. Quebec is a fabulous jurisdiction to mine gold. The only thing I like better than gold is silver. Because it's been held down and beaten silly.

      Just put the insect on ignore already and don't think about it. GLTA

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