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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Mar 19, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    We hope the AZK Bigs will make the HL/AZK merger happen. Alamos play for AZK is an inusurance policy to the AGI mine operation reset.

    AZK Bigs are not being fooled by AGI. Read the AGI playbook, they quote production guidance they never hit. They have zero liquidity in their stock. AGI is no friend to AZK shareholders...

    The Hecla/Aurizon merger creates the potential for a true power house mid tier mining company. It is rare to have this chance to build this type of a mining company.

    AZK Bigs could propel us toward a nice four bagger in the coming years. We think there is trouble around the corner at Alamos. We hope the AZK Bigs makew the Hecla/Aurizon merger hgappen

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • true power house mid-tier mining company??? You better check the Hecla website buddy. Hecla is one of the big boys! Have been for awhile now - how can the largest North American silver miner be called a 'mid-tier' mining company? Hecla IS one of the BIG BOYS on the block!

    • Mid- tier???? Better wake up energy flow - Hecla is a large tier miner already and with this acquisition they'll be even larger. You must be a newbie to Hecla - Hecla is the largest silver producer in North America - where do you get mid- tier miner from??? Come on Energyflow pull your head out and take a nice dep breath!!!!

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      • First Majestic produces MORE SILVER than Hecla, and they are entirely North American. 12-13M oz this year and 16M in 2014. You act like Hecla is so great. Overlay the chart of AG over HL in the last 1,2,3,5,10 years LOL.

      • The only thing mid tier about Hecla is the low share price: it probably should be called lower tier based on the most abysmal share price action for the past twenty years. This stock was $50 a share when the dollar was worth less than half its value today, but instead of trading at 100-120 per share it trades at 4. I think HL sold out to JPM a few years ago.