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  • rjjones11 rjjones11 Oct 18, 2011 10:44 AM Flag

    Any other shorts?

    Thursday I purchased 3000 January MTB @ $50 Put Options.
    This bank is heavy into commercial real estate and it looks like a good short.
    It has been good to me these last two days.

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    • I would very much like to know what the short strategies are now?

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      • My PUT option portfolio
        In order of the purchase date
        AGO Jan 2012 $12.50
        Assured Guaranty Ltd. (AGO) - The only insurer of municipal bonds not yet bankrupt.
        TLT Jan 2012 $96.00 - My largest position.
        iShares Trust Barclays 20+ year Treasury Bond - ETF (TLT)
        Shorting T-Bonds - Interest Rates must go up.
        Oddly this seems to track the S&P 500 inversely - People taking money in and out of stocks.
        MTB Jan 2012 $50.00
        M&T Bank - Not too big to fail - Shorting commercial real estate.
        DB April 2012 $30.00
        Purchased today, Thursday
        Deutsche Bank(DB) spiked up 17/4% today. Is not Europe toast? Shorting Europe.

    • There aren't 3000 put options outstanding. I would assume you're currently short 30 put options which is the equivalent of 3000 shares of MTB stock.

      And no, I'm not short any shares but I am long small amounts in a few accounts. I'd looking to add more shares in the 55-60 range so I may sell puts if the stock falls another 10% which would obligate me to buy it at those prices.

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      • I am new to options.
        I currently have put options for 6000 shares of TLT, essentially shorting interest rates.
        Interestingly, the vast majority of TLT posters are shorts.
        This implies put options in many cases.
        That kind of a ‘short’ oriented board is rather new to me, but IMHO these message boards exist to make ‘investing’ more fun and to provide mutual support.
        Now the TLT board had 140 posts in the last 30 days.
        I saw that the MTB board has had zero posts in the last 30 days.
        To paraphrase Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche:
        “If a board needs rattling, rattle it.”
        Normally, I feel that being short on a board is rather rude, but on the TLT board it is backwards.
        On that board, being long is rather rude. (LOL)
        Unfortunately, people seldom reveal the exact size of there positions, so this issue has not come up before.
        If I were at my local street corner, and said to the next thousand people that I had 30 MTB put options, they would all think that I was short 30 MTB shares.
        Perhaps I should live in a better neighborhood. (LOL)
        But that is the way that I also though a few months ago.
        So to me the terminology is rather confusing.
        Thank you for prying me away from the uneducated masses.
        I will in the future say that “I have options to sell 3000 MTB shares.”
        I assume that would be acceptable to the educated and non educated.
        Is there anything wrong with that statement?
        Do you have any better suggestions?
        Thank you very much for going to the trouble to educate me.
        Thank you,

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