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  • kathi17 kathi17 Nov 5, 1998 9:29 PM Flag

    U.S. Caterpillar Negotiating $45M Credit

    U.S. Caterpillar Negotiating $45M Credit to

    MOSCOW, Nov. 05, 1998 -- (Reuters)
    American heavy equipment
    company Caterpillar Inc. is
    negotiating a $45 million credit to modernize
    Russian gas
    monopoly Gazprom's underground gas storages, Gazprom

    deputy head Peter Rodionov said on Wednesday.

    Payback of the credit, which could be delivered before
    the end of the
    year, would be guaranteed from
    different sources, including gas exports
    to the
    European market, Rodionov told Reuters.

    "Attracting investment to the modernization of our
    underground gas
    storages is one of the main priorities
    for the development of our
    company," Rodionov

    According to Rodionov, Caterpillar will
    invest $16 million on
    modernizing Kasimov storage,
    $15 million on Yelshan and $14 million on

    In October, Gazprom signed an agreement with a
    consortium of Italian
    banks on a loan of up to $2
    billion to finance the first gas pipeline under
    Black Sea to Turkey. ( (c) 1998 Reuters)

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    • In my opinion, you made the right decision. We
      may be wrong about LEAH, but there just wasn't any
      real information on the company that I could find.
      Then when Blocktrader found their website on
      Angelfire, and a hotmail address, it looked even
      Good Luck with your Russian stocks!

    • glad to have helped you save some money on that
      one. You sure have to watch those OTC:BB stocks and do
      a lot of research.
      Could be LEAH is OK, but with
      whats available I sure would pass on that

      good luck my friend,

    • glad to have helped you save some money on that
      one. You sure have to watch those OTC:BB stocks and do
      a lot of research.
      Could be LEAH is OK, but with
      whats available I sure would pass on that

      good luck my friend,

    • that happens all the time....
      stock-promotion on all kind
      of boards and sites,well,
      these boys have to make a living too !!!
      But not from our money...hahahahahaha

    • well,if I understood correctly,
      they (LTCM)
      had hundreds of positions
      in different
      markets,(short Gold etc.)
      The counterparty has gained and if
      had collapsed the counterparty would not
      have been
      honored,resulting in the
      BIG CRASH.......
      greetings from The
      Hague !!!!

    • Wow, what a long name, you've got to find a
      shorter nickname! (Besides, it conjures up images of
      visiting my aunts dairy farm when I was a child)
      You can't overlook LUKOY, that's my favorite! I have
      Lukoil, Gazprom, UES, ROS, PLDI and Surgutneftegaz. Out
      of the ones you mentioned, if I only had one of them
      to choose, it would be ROS.

    • " You know you've been in Russia a long time
      1. You have to think twice about throwing away
      the empty instant coffee
      2. You carry a
      plastic shopping bag with you "just in case."
      3. You
      say he/she is "on the meeting" (as opposed to the
      more proper
      "at the" or "in a" meeting).
      4. You
      answer the phone by saying "hello, hello, hello" before
      the caller a chance to respond.
      5. You save table
      scraps for the cat(s) living in the courtyard.
      When crossing the street, you sprint.
      7. In
      winter, you choose your route first by determining which
      are least likely to impale you on the head.
      You argue with a taxi driver about a fare of 15
      rubles ($1.00) to go
      2-3 miles while it is
      9. You win a shoving match with an old Babuschka
      for a place in line
      and you are proud of it.

      10. You hesitate to put on your seat belt to avoid
      offending the taxi
      driver and the impending 5 minute
      conversation to explain why you are
      putting it on.
      You are pleasantly surprised when there is actually
      toilet paper in
      the WC.
      12. You look at people's
      shoes to determine where they are from.
      13. You are
      pleasantly surprised when there is actually wine in
      bottle of Georgian Kinzmarauli.
      14. You notice that
      No-Neck's cell phone is smaller than yours and
      15. You are thrown off guard when the doorman at
      the night club is
      happy to see you.
      16. You're
      not sure what to do you when the GAI (road police)
      only asks
      you to pay the official fine.
      17. You
      wonder what the tax inspector really wants when she
      everything is in order.
      18. You plan your vacation
      around those times of the year when they
      turn off the
      hot water.
      19. You ask for no ice in your
      20. When you start thinking of bread as a good
      mixer for vodka
      21. When you drink the brine from
      empty pickle jars
      22. When you can read
      23. When you start shopping for products by their
      country of production

      24. When you begin to refer
      to locals as "nashi" (ours)
      25. When it doesn't
      seem strange to pay a the GAI of $2.25 for
      the double line while making an illegal U-turn and
      $35 for a microwaved
      dish of frozen vegetables at
      crappy restaurant.
      26. When your coffee cups
      routinely smell like vodka
      27. When you start to "feel"
      public transport and bridge opening

      28. When you know more than 60 Olgas
      29. When you
      give you business card to social acquaintances
      When you wear a wool hat in the sauna "
      31. You
      come up smoking Dunhill is "Inteliigent European'

      Privet Zhmerinke

    • I knew you were around. Thanks for the input,
      again we're pretty much on the same page, but as to
      LTCM losses, was there a big gainer on the other
      side??? $$$ was lost, so where'd it go?? Anyway, it looks
      like ROS is up on the Boerses, and how about that
      PLDI??? Hope you have a good day in the HAIG, my
      friend....(Preston) from the coast of North Carolina, facing eastward
      across the Atlantic towards you!!

    • please give me your first mane because I
      like calling people with
      1)somebody is getting screwed!The Russki try that
      everybody and it backfired badly !!!
      Rule #1 is,if you
      take credit you have to pay it back,if
      you are
      getting into trouble,tell early so you can get
      (Brazil/Indonesia)but never ever try to play tough guy with the world
      financial community !!
      2)Printing money is simply
      (we can discuss that from here to
      3)without Greenspan the whole world economy would be in the

      shit today.
      4)LTCM was too big to let simply go
      bust,think of the loss in confidence
      greetings to you from

    • O.K., help me out. 1) If Russia's original
      borrowings from IMF was in dollars to rubles when the
      exchange rate 1:10, is it fair to pay back the same amount
      of dollars when the ruble is now at 16? I'm not sure
      I am saying this correctly, but I think my meaning
      is clear, i.e., somebody is getting screwed! 2.) If
      Russia prints up new paper money and then pays back
      loans with this paper, in this case, the lender would
      feel he's getting screwed=thus de-valuation (of the
      ruble) and immediate inflation in Russia? 3.) Did anyone
      else think that Greedman was hinting around at this in
      his speech yesterday? 4.) Reguarding LTCM and its
      huge losses, who won? I mean who or whom benefitted?
      5.) With all its posturing and preening, I remain
      convinced that what the west wants is in on the action, and
      that is specifically the natural rescources so
      abundant in Russia. It reminds me of trading Manhattan
      from the Indians for beads, or study the Alaskan
      Purchase? And by the way, although the U.S. seems to be
      awash in Saudi oil at the present, it might be wise to
      look at the state of U.S. domestic reserves and the
      depleted state of Alaskan oil fields..... Thanks in
      advance for your tollerance of DDOG's muddled
      brain.....and, Mornin' Big Alex!! I sense you're out there?

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