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    • I guess I posted before your last message came
      up, because now I see that you didn't get SGUZY. You
      really should look at that one, it got some really good
      press from WSJ recently, and seems to be getting very
      popular lately. Look at the trading volumes on the
      berlinerboerse. An hour ago, it was beating LUKOY in volume
      there. Also, you get 50 shares per ADR. I'm not sure how
      that works, but I would expect that as share prices in
      Russia go up it would make the ADRs worth more,
      faster??? Is that right, or am I completely off base on
      that one?
      Surgut is a pretty much no-frills
      company, and it hasn't borrowed any money, or set up
      expensive offices in Moscow. It is mostly concentrating on
      business, rather than public relations, which is one of the
      reasons WSJ likes it.
      (This sounds like a sales pitch,
      (sorry about that), but I really think you should
      research it, and decide for yourself before it gets too

    • Hi kathi17, Finance_Guy, jimczar, ddog, wrbt,
      gazprom, et. al.!

      I have just come back to this
      board (as of last week)! From February to last week, I
      had not even looked at my stocks. Last week I looked
      at my stocks again, because with the drop in ROS to
      3 or so in early April, my sister said she was
      concerned. (I had recommended to her to buy some ROS, so she
      bought a little bit of it around December or January. My
      sister's daughter's boyfriend also bought some, but sold
      it when it went down in early April!)

      Was I
      in for a pleasant surprise last week! I looked at an
      oil driller thread (I don't own any oil drillers now
      but I look at that thread) and someone said that this
      has been
      the biggest and fastest rise in history
      for them! I had felt that oil prices would eventually
      but I never expected that they would recover this
      dramatically!!! I looked at my Russian oil stocks and saw that
      they had also gone up dramatically! I caught up on a
      lot of posts on this and other message boards. I saw
      that ROS was still at around 4 last Wednesday or
      Thursday, so it was lagging. So I bought some more ROS at 4
      1/4 the next day.

      I then emailed my sister the


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      • Hi Jane!

        In response to your concern, I
        have looked at what is going on with my stocks,
        especially Rostelecom. I am more optimistic than ever now
        about Rostelecom!!! Much has changed in the last 2-3
        months. Here is why I am so optimistic:

        1. Oil
        prices have skyrocketed back up!!!! I knew this without
        even looking at my stocks, from looking at prices at
        the gas pump! Prices for crude oil have gone back up
        about 60 or more percent! This was one of the things
        that I had felt would be inevitable. Oil Prices
        through January 1999 went down more than at any time
        since 1900! I felt it was only a matter of time before
        they would go back up. Oil companies can't survive on
        $10 per barrel oil.
        2. How does this affect
        Russia? Big!!! About 50% of Russia's tax revenue is from
        its oil and gas companies. This is far more than
        Mexico's 20%. Mexican stocks have rallied big on this
        news. It is only a question of time before all of
        Russian stocks will. In fact, Russian oil stocks (Lukoil,
        for example, which I told you about) already have
        gone up sharply! Lukoil has gone up from $17 where I
        bought it to $32! The whole Russian crisis and default
        last summer was due to the collapse in oil prices. Now
        with oil back up, we will see the situation reverse
        3. The IMF I believe has just agreed to provide
        Russia with a loan of $3.5 million. This opens the door
        for the World Bank and others such as Japan to also
        provide loans, which they were waiting for the IMF
        approval before so doing. In December or January, Russia
        was put in a status of 'selective default' by credit
        watch agencies, and because a company's securities
        cannot have a higher rating than that of the government
        the country is in, this status carried over to
        Russian companies generally. With these loans, Russia
        should be taken off the 'selective default' category,
        opening the way for institutions to begin investing in
        Russian equities.
        4. The Asian meltdown is pretty much
        over. Money is flooding over to Asia again. Korea's
        stock market has led the way. A Korean fund that I was
        in has gone up from $1.75 to $5.75. With people
        seeing that money is to be made in emerging markets
        again, it is only a question of time before money starts
        pouring into Russia again.
        5. The situation in Brazil
        has seemed to improve since January, at least based
        on the rally in stock prices there (up about 50% in
        the Brazil Fund that I am invested in). This was a
        major damper on emerging markets in general, when
        Brazil had a currency collapse in January and a
        mini-stock market crash. Money seems to be flooding back not
        only to Asia but Latin America as well. And I believe
        this is only the beginning of it. Huge rallies usually
        happen for good reason and are the portent of further
        sustained rallies in the months and years to follow. In
        other words, this seems to be the beginning of a bull
        market for emerging markets in general, including


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