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  • chuckkings Apr 12, 2006 10:10 AM Flag


    Yesterday in WSJ news article on CHINA and SEC inquiry to CLST. Think someone posted same on this board several days ago. Not sure if it is anything however market is reacting to same an pulling stock down. I see possible dive here into position below the two mark. This company needs a PR group, and some news to feed to the public, what a bunch of loosers, they didnt even publicise the gain on profit correctly, poor mgmt.
    Hold you ass.

    Charlie Star

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    • Another words, Charlie is buying now!

    • First off, this is a q&a session on operations that were already sold. If you restated results based on the prior troubles in China, wouldn't you expect the SEC to at least do some DD on the matter? They have already restated the results so I expect a clean vote once this is over.

      Secondly, My quotes have been showing a bid of $2.65 and ask of $2.70 the whole time this has been under the price. Makes me wonder if Mr. Ex Founder is dumping with no market. Has anyone actually tried to buy or sell today? I'll have to stick with the fundamentals and 10-Q results and reiterate a good time to load up:-)

      Have a nice day!

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      • I agree - the SEC investigation is meaningless at this point since senior management was completely purged.

        The sad thing is that this company has tremendous potential, and the only real analysis being done on it is by this Yahoo board - and the group in Indy. The question that was asked on the CC regarding a private offering was spot on -- if CLST could get just one institution to soak up the overhead supply, I believe we would be much higher at a level that reflects the true risk/reward. Instead, the stock price sees low volume selloffs like this morning's which scare off other retail investors and bring out a spate of self-doubters on this Board. I hope the folks in Indy have more conviction.

        In one regard, I don't blame management for wanting to keep a low profile and avoiding hype since that was really all the old team was good for (China IPO is a great example). But they should be proactive about managing investor concerns (the few investors that remain!) rather than just adopting a head in the sand mentality.

      • chuckkings Apr 12, 2006 12:05 PM Flag

        Have been trading today, no problems.
        Added some against my better judgement.
        Hope news gets better, wheres the PR group.

    • luvthoselogisticsstocks luvthoselogisticsstocks Apr 12, 2006 10:35 AM Flag

      Anyone have a link to the WSJ report?

      As we know you have to have a strong stomach for this stock. This is definitely not for the weak!!!

      I'm really starting to question the leadership here however. The leadership seems to come more from large companies, but in this industry you have to be extremely quick and nimble in your thoughts and actions. There really is no time to think, rethink and think again. Success in the logistics world is about quick decisions and perfect execution. CLST seems to be able to do neither at the moment. My take on this company is this, they need to hire new senior management that truly understands how to deal in a commodity market and in high volumes. That's what this is... a volume business. Plainly said, you make your money by EFFICIENTLY pushing volume... PERIOD.

      Now, let's get some wins and make us some money!!!