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  • coolman329 coolman329 May 20, 1998 1:19 AM Flag

    Please help

    CLST looks very good to me, but several things
    bother me a lot. Why is PE ratio so low while two
    competitors PE ratios are 24 and over 30? Do I miss anything?
    The future of the company looks good to me but why
    brokeges are upgrading its competitors? I am new on this
    board, please help!

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    • The reason CLST will have an upside surprise will
      be due to the China revenue. This has not been
      included in the estimate because additional orders were
      received at the end of the first quarter and some even at
      the beginning at the second quarter. The estimates
      were already formed by then. In my opion they will
      report someting with a 6 in front of it. (60-63). I am
      not worried at all about earnings, I think the key
      question is does the market give a shit about CLST. How
      can they up interest, where is Oppenheimer, they have
      covered CLST with a strong buy but are not buying
      themselves. Matter of fact, if you look at Nasdaq level II
      you will see that Oppenheimer was the big seller when
      CLST was under pressure. Now, this may be as a result
      of their clients pressure but Oppenheimer is known
      to be a very weak promotor of their picks when these
      are under pressure. Let's get some retail in here! We
      need DLJ, Merrill et all.

    • China is still a third world country by almost
      every standard. They are not using cell-phones as a
      yuppy/luxury/status symbol/convenience item like the western
      societies. They truly do not have land lines in place to
      service private and residential markets. Cellular
      technology is the cheapest method of personal communication
      that exists over there. However, your

      "CLST is the lagest retail in Asia, the earning has to
      be better than expected."
      P.S. Watch spelling
      with this msg board :) :)

      I don't necessarily
      agree. I am sure that forecasts have accounted for Asian
      sales. I think that this observation serves to show that
      growth in this sector is eminate in China. However,
      Cellstar is already projected to grow EPS at 30%/year and
      I am sure that that these forecast have taken into
      account growth in the Chinese market.

    • have a strong buy on Cellstar and these have been reiterated. There's room for competition here.