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CA, Inc. Message Board

  • investleverage investleverage Feb 5, 2007 2:30 PM Flag

    Anyone know of a good CA Inc. message board?

    Anyone know of a good CA Inc. message board?

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    • People are paid to pollute this board. Its done to undermine perceived negative posts. This specific board was one of the very first to do this... beginning years ago. Just think that some employees somewhere are paid and have this as their mindless job.

    • Good and CA in the same phrase? NOT!

    • It is true that CA is the Long Island Software Mafia.

      They never had to kill anyone, all they had to do was
      fire those that didn't cooperate, and that is not illegal.

      It is entirely possible that Charles and Russ have promised to take care of Sanjay's family.. because, surely, Sanjay has the goods on both Charles and Russ. Everyone lower
      in the food chain has sung, but so far Sanjay has been quiet.

      Don't rule out suicide or a freak accident on Sanjay's part before he passes through the prison doors.

    • I actually did unplug myself. Opportunities are not just lying around waiting for individuals to find them. That is especially true for those of us over 40. The further over 40 one is the more seriously they have to consider any attractive offer. Operative word in that sentence is attractive. It is difficult to make pat statements on the subject as it depends on where one is, how old one is, and what skill set one has. For instance, in the greater Boston area (say Boston out to 128) it is an employee's market, so long as your skill set is relatively current. 35-40 miles outside of Boston and it's an employers market. Since 2001-2003 things have recovered somewhat but not by an awful lot. That's Boston, I can't speak for Pittsburgh or Illinois. Ideally you get the package and a job virtually simultaneously. It is more likely, however, to get a package, blow through the package, get unemployment and be looking for a job while being unemployed. It's way easier to find a job when you have a job. So while the package is better than an unemployment check, it is not better than an employment check.

      The burning question is, where did those 1700 souls come from that were allegedly let go last fall mostly from the US? Or did they factor in this springs RIF into the count?


      why you ask because that what CA doing to every one !!

    • Doa like yourself I was unplugged from this board for quite some time. I was amazed after so much time that the same left wing lifeless nuts are still camping out here. I've never understood why they choose this board to squat on, makes no sense.

      How's things? Still connected to the mothership? I actually hope my name comes up on the next go around (take the exit package and dont look back;-)

    • But it is Yahoo's Computer Associates message board not Yahoo's message board for the politically feeble. Again, anyone can copy and paste. I doubt anyone would remark on the occasional off topic post or even off topic thread but this message board has been infested and actually should be shut down.

    • I truly haven't even though of her in perhaps a year or more. Oh, and ANYONE can copy and paste an article from

      So there is no insight there. And, frankly, she's been iggied for a couple of years now.

      Butt what's truly funny is the pack mentality of her enterauge of butt sniffing giddy followers.

    • The truth is what it is. :-)

    • <<This board would suck no matter what Ihum and the other political posters did or did not post>>

      Agreed. Nothing is keeping anyone from posting stuff about CA. Somewhat like Yogi Berra used to say... If people don't want to talk about CA, you can't stop them.

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