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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Aug 6, 2012 7:33 PM Flag

    Obama: No Growth, No Jobs, Massive Deficits

    Have we LEARNED anything from these past 4 years?

    Are we doomed to ANOTHER 4 years of THIS?

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    • The Republicans in the Senate have blocked everything that they possibly could. They have thrown the entire country under the bus for their own gain. Does that sound like the kind of people that you want to put in charge?

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      • The Senate is definitely a problem, but it's the Democratic majority there that has caused the problems. No fewer than 23 jobs bills have passed the House and been sent to the Senate, only to die in committee. A bill which is never considered by the committee to which it's assigned can't possibly be brought to the floor of the Senate for debate, and thus can't possibly be blocked by a hypothetical filibuster.

        Learn about the US Constitution and the way the Congressional committee system works before you publicly insert your foot into your mouth again.


    • Better than 4 years of ROMNEYHOOD, taking from the middle class and poor to give tax cuts to the RICH!

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      • joe592 Sep 3, 2012 10:49 AM Flag

        Last year those making less than $34k per year paid $0 in taxes. In fact between government credits and earned income, the poor received close to $5k in assistance. The wealthy paid hundreds of thousands in tax, what additional government services did their money get them? What rate is fair share? 50%? 60%? Obama’s plan calls for 40%, but this only takes a $1.10 trillion yearly deficit down to $1 trillion. But, if Obama got his spending wishes it would be well over $1.1 trillion. His own party all voted against it. Our budget is extremely dire, if taxing the ‘rich’ is an option; waste in government is never addressed. How can we raise taxes in good faith (on anyone) after GSA scandal broke? How can we continue to add more people to welfare programs, which are scheduled to go broke? We are on European style track heading towards top rates of 75%. To someday become ‘rich’ should be an obtainable dream for all. Living out the American dream is what made this country great. Working hard to move ahead, start a business should be rewarded. Instead our leader is dividing the country where the rich are evil, not paying their fair share; when in fact they pay most of taxes collected today. Where is the incentive to earn or start a business with increasing tax rates? Welfare programs need to be scaled back; we are broke and taxing the ‘rich’ wont fix the problem. Higher tax rates wont encourage job creation, business startups, those looking to place their headquarters in this country. Look at the facts. When Obama took office National debt $10t, now $16t. Deficit $500b, now $1 trillion. Is all this spending working? Well, look at what we got? Unemployment now 8.3%. Median income down 5k to 50k. A third entitlement the majority of Americans didn’t want, meanwhile two others still scheduled to go broke in our generation. Poverty rate highest since 1960. Our AAA credit rating, downgraded for the first time in history. Health care premiums up, gas prices up, food prices up, energy prices up. A country deeply divided by a leader that promised to unite the country. This is America land of dreams and opportunities, right? Instead with debt and tax uncertainty America just looks like Europe did ten years ago. Say all you want, but you have only fallen for the divisive trap set by Obama. Can you really say, given the state of the economy and the challenges ahead Obama can help us in the next 4 years? He hasn’t even put out a plan to address the long-term issues. Another 4 years would be anther 4 years of stagnation. This fall I’m voting for change and its not obama.

    • sounds like McCracken

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