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  • hobby_maniac hobby_maniac Jun 11, 1999 5:09 PM Flag

    Don't be so near sighted

    od. Don't be
    bad on those people in CA because of few. Soon be in
    50s again.

    AOL: -40%
    MSFT: -18%
    CSCO: -9%
    EBAY: -29%
    IBM: +26%
    CA: +30%
    AMZN: -52%

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    • > CA disassembled the code and thats the
      reason why up to 9708 of
      > TNG 2.1 and later the
      DSM was not working very good at all.

      No, CA
      still has the source code. The reason why the product
      just keeps getting worse, is the way in which CA
      developement, support and QA are structured.

      There is
      absolutely *no* communication between these

      Development does whatever they want and maintains dozens of
      physically separate source code bases for each TNG version
      and OS version (NT and UNIX flavors). None of these
      source bases physically share the same source code, so
      no support fixes will ever find their way into the
      next version of TNG unless they are manually coded by
      someone. After hundreds of fixes, no one will ever do this
      willingly unless informed by their superiors that a
      "client" is threatening to unplug TNG and this is the
      hottest "escalation" on the planet.

      This is the
      way it is done on Arcserve, Inoculan and most of CA's
      "client server" products. Most management running this
      circus either has no clue or is afraid of disrupting the
      "tried and true" way it is done here at CA.

      do you think that each new version of a CA product
      just gets worse than the previous version?

    • left this board the other day, how civil it has
      become. It just goes to prove a theory that was posted. A
      L L the bashing is coming from 1 (or 2), people
      using different ID's. This guy is on a mission.

    • I think it will be usefull for readers of this
      chat to know that the very same group of people who
      developed OS/EYE*NODE in DAC, which was bought by Leagent
      to become Agent*Works which in turn was bought by CA
      to become Agent Technology is still with CA and none
      of us have immidiate plans to leave the company. As
      one of architects of "what called DSM" I was quite
      amused to learn that all of us leave the company and
      even more abused by the idea of reverse enginiring of
      DSM from bynary images. I am affraid that who ever
      wrote that message does not have an idea about what is
      going on in Agent Technology group and does not
      understand how software get developed either.


    • have a rough night? if you'll reread my post i believe i specifically mentioned my lack of communications skills. Don't have a lot of fun in life, do you. Lighten's too short.

    • Ever since CA bought CMSI I have been trying to
      decide if CA was a company I wanted to work for. Well I
      have decide it isn't. I ask a number of CA employees
      why I would want to work for CA. The answers where
      along the lines of it such a great place to work,
      management really cares etc.. Then when pressed for details
      usually the the answer was you get breakfast or such and
      such magazine rates it one of the best companies to
      work for. Bottom line no real reason.

      the other hand I see many reasons, all small reasons
      but togather the add up. Reasons such as going
      backwards 40% on vesting, 101 annoying rules that make it
      harder to work, CA wants to use consultants as part of a
      package including CA software. Instead of using
      consultants on a t&m basis.

      I have read the
      messages on this board and some CA defenders and stock
      holders say they are glad people quit, less overhead,
      must have been a loser, who cares so long as the stock
      goes up etc. Well in the past maybe that was true but
      things change. CA is getting into the services bussiness
      because software margins are getting harder to maintain.
      So everytime a Consultant in the GPS division quits
      that means lost billable hours which means LOST
      profits. Do I think that the lost of my billable hours has
      any great impact, no of course not. However if CA
      continues like they have it might effect the bottom line
      and it certainly makes it harder to attracted good

    • OnlyOneThingSmellsLikeFish OnlyOneThingSmellsLikeFish Jun 16, 1999 11:59 PM Flag

      As for DB2, almost all product authors have left,
      alot of maint
      programmers stayed. Most of them have
      the creativity of an
      intestine. As for management
      most have left, one guy still
      here but he's the
      ex-utilities manager and we all know how the
      utilities are in a league of there own. Support?
      gotta be kidding, this is CA you derelict.

    • are smarter than you think ... perhaps thye don't
      like all of the goings on around them but they are
      pocketing a nice check every two weeks ... there are in
      fact a number of CA people making above average income
      ... belive it or not Long Island is also a nice place
      and a lot of the CAers i know have a 10-15 minute
      commute ... depending on where you are in your career
      that would beat an hour train ride to NYC each way for
      more money ...kinda like some of us investors that
      invest in companies to make money and don't really care
      about all of the underpinnings as long as the company
      keeps churning out eps ...

    • never had a job with any other company as an
      adult ... I find it hard to believe that after 13 years
      there u don't see some grain of truth in almost every
      story posted here ... i was ther for 13 years too and I
      believe almost every story ... witnessed many ... however
      ... i just want the stock price to go up so i can
      milk it ... filthy rich americans ... what a country
      ... u gotta love it ...

    • Kiplinger's hit the new's stands today. There is
      an article about He is written
      about on page 115. He called each more correctly on CA.
      It is getting lots of exposure and he predicted this
      stock to spike.

    • I thought I remember a letter from Sanjay saying
      it would be 2 years, but I checked the CA website
      and the letter to DB2 Plat customers appeared to have
      been changed.

      I've heard CA won't commit to
      customers in writing to supporting Plat DB2 products beyond
      2 years.

      Also, any reports on staff cuts in
      the DB2 product support?

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