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  • whaazzz_aaap whaazzz_aaap Oct 7, 2002 10:39 AM Flag

    I wish Bush had the same passion about

    ...the economy as he does about obliterating Saddam. No doubt Saddam is a thug and a killer and should be dealt with at some point, but what is the prescient urgency to do so now when our economy is in shambles with the possibility for further weakening?

    Arrest this jerk, Chaney, Greenspan, and all the right wing incompetent bozo's, put them in handcuffs and take them straight to jail. Liberate this great nation of ours from such IDIOTS!

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    • 1 I give a sh!! what you think, unless you post something that causes me to gain TYC info

      2 thanks for the link, the one I saw had all years, not just the election years, and it showed the fairly balanced giving like yours shows in 90, 92 and 94 but it also showed a higher amount from 94 to 1998, never saw 2000 numbers. I guess the Fed Election releases is the only effective source.

    • Chartness is not a handle of mine. I don't need more than one. And you?

    • we shall see. Around 1/04 should do it. if the stock is up 20% I beat bond alternatives in the high risk area. That is below 15. As I posted before, I'll take $20 by 1/04 If the stock makes a new low and stays there, they you are smart, I am not.

    • "So the fact that Enron and Lay spread their money
      across both parties fairly evenly is bull. "

      Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Enron gave to the GOP 3 times as much as to the Dems. And it was even more lopsided as the years passed

      1996 81% GOP
      1998 49% GOP
      2000 72% GOP
      2002 94% GOP

      The link is below.


      Since your first statement ( that you assert as FACT) is bull, I doubt anything else you say is trustworthy

    • So the fact that Enron and Lay spread their money across both parties fairly evenly is bull. Guess all those media stories are bull too.
      So the picture of Clinton paying golf with Lay after Lay paid him off and the Clinton opened the im/ex money vault in most newspapers across the globe is bull

      So, Winnick is not and never was an ardent LA liberal Dem; and did not make DNC contributions and did not making Clintons' bag man McAuliff 6mm on Global stock in a questionable trade, and Winnick did not grabbing 700mm after he found out the revs were begininning to collapse because all the SEC sale filings and media reports are wrong, bull, on this too?

      Perrigine, is not bankrupt? officers and co were not huge contributor to DNC? And the politico from NM (one of the few not-dispicable members of the Clinton adm) never was a director? All of that is bull too even thoughit was in all media.

      Is it that there is no Burkle, that he is not an LA lib Dem, that he did not just hired Clinton on in his investment banking firm to shield Burkle against deep investigations he is connected to (that he is not connected to Kmart or that it is not bankrupt; and not connected to Flemming (FLM) or not its control shareholder -- or the stock hs not come from 27+ to 7ish; and you have info that he did not arrange the sale of 3,000,000 restricted MSO shares for Martha Stewart at $15 to a money managemnt firm when the stock was around $17 in January when she leared she was a target - insider info sale.

      Oh, yeah, I get it. The Rite Aid crooks led by Mr. Grass, were not Republicans? that was bull.

      Or is it bull that the WCOM crowd really didn't played either side or either party.

      I am sure you would agree that Adelphia was a right wing nut as was his crooked offspring

      I only know what I read in the media and see on TV news.

      You have sources that are valid which refute this, any of this?

    • "health would have advanced instead of stalled and crashed under bush, This is one of the most serious problems facing america today, but bush and company are to stupid to figure it out"

      So attacks on the drug industry and shrinking profit margins would drive the discovery of new drugs for deseases?

      Or are you trying to refer to the Canadian cost structure vs the US cost structure. Obviously the Canadian drug companies are a huge source of devices and drugs that improve the quality of life, right? Name one.

    • "He would have heeded the warnings given bush and put our intelligence on high elert, these asshole terrorist would never made it to the planes."

      Well for 8 years there were plenty of signs and opportunities to do something other than bombing empty tent complexes, and nothing plants, and the problems in the CIA and FBI were the result of 1992 to 1/2001. it did not not just happen during the 8 months from 1/01 to 9/01 -- the cabnet wasn't even in place inthe first 60 days. tooth fairy acts occurr in a short period of time. Retooling and revamping the CIA and FBI takes tons of time, years, not months.

    • "lets talk corruption, insider trading, gore would not have been caught up in controversy,
      and the street would have respect for him.
      we would have a healthy market, along with a healthy 401k..."

      the insider trading protector was the Clinton/Gore fund raising machine. You suggesting that the Buddist and iced tea events were a myth? Or are you suggesting that he would not take Clinton pushed NDC crooka nd bag man McAuliff as NDC head? OR are you suggesting that gore would shut down the cash flow from criminals and crooks all of the world so he could lose the 11/02 coingressional election to control congress?

      He and Clinton are the sole reason this mess was as severe as it has been.

      You are aware of the effect of the consipratorial attack on MSFT, why it was done, why Jackson was selected by Clinton, and what that did to the VC's when they figured out that the Clintons were going to put a Dem contribution tax on all of those tech cos, many of whom earned nada and needed money to survive.

    • "at least he served in the military, and was not awol."

      Provided that you can convince the 1,000,000+ americans who suffered loss from that mess, maybe they would agree that being a Siagon based reporter, banging the locals who were poor and starving, was serving. He never got anywhere near any action, and his powerful political father and mother saw to that.

      Maybe that is where he became an ice tea freak.

      He would have been in more danger driving through parts of LA, Dallas, Miami, Cleveland, Newark, NY, Philadelphia and DC.

      Actually I feel sorry for Gore. He is not evil, like the Clintons, but he has no center other than his wife from which to base his beliefs, so he is beliefless.

    • LOL, thats great. A democrat claiming awol in one statement and Clinton the best president in the same breath. That's funny. The rest of your statements equally absurd.

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