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  • glsown glsown Jun 29, 2011 8:40 PM Flag

    Ben Stein - now a Liberal?

    For many recent years Mr Stein opposed putting a greater tax burden on the rich as he saw them as the generators of jobs. Now he is a supporter of the Obama approach. Tax the "rich" more to fix today's problems. This I found odd until I remembered where he actually comes from.

    He was part of the Nixon and Ford administrations. Does anyone remember the attempts of "wage" and "price" freezes? Does anyone remember how the high taxes on those innovative people actually stifled growth? Carter actually caught it in the shorts by expanding on those ideas and telling Americans to get used to it. Reagan, the "dumb" actor broke that mode and reminded the American people that success should be rewarded and not punished while giving hope to others that doing well would not be considered a bad thing.

    Let me remind everyone this. You don't "give" people things that aren't yours from the efforts of others, you give them "opportunities" to excel. And those "opportunities" are not by taking from others but creating an environment that should they decide to do the work for being successful, then the results would be theirs to do with as they wish.

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    • personally, i'd have no problem with a tax increase on EVERYONE if it were done by using a surcharge at a flat rate (5%???)and an overall minimum tax of $500 for individuals making over $25,000. (let's get rid of stat that says 50% of the people don't pay any tax at all).
      but that's with the stipulation that the funds raised by the surcharge would be used for NOTHING BUT DEBT REDUCTION.

      and at the same time the law went into effect another law would be passed reducing the budgets of all gov't agencies (including wages)by at least 2%.

      something else i've talked about in the past:
      there's been talk of increasing by 2 years the minimum age to qualify for soc sec. i think the minimum age to require REQUIRED DISTRIBUTIONS for ira's, etc should be REDUCED by 2 years. that would create some equality with those people who NEED to withdraw from ira's BEFORE they are 72 1/2.

      people (like me) are taking the RMD when we don't even need it. why not make such people pay a couple years sooner?

      and, YES, i AM a conservative republican but i KNOW there must be some compromises made. i think everything above is a fair compromise.

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