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  • pebble.ubetcha pebble.ubetcha Nov 19, 2012 3:51 PM Flag

    it looks like someone caved

    and it wasn't hostess!!!!!

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    • Dagnabbit Peb, I was getting ready to post the same news.

      I spoke with my brother, who works for Hostess, Saturday and he told me that a few things were in the works. One being that another company was considering picking up the entire Hostess operation. He didn't mention a mediation though but he wasn't part of the union that forced Hostess into the closing announcement.

      Now from the way he explained it to me is that Hostess actually deals with 6 different unions and it was just one that refused concessions. My guess is that the other 5 unions jumped all over the problem union. But let me assure everyone of one thing. Hostess is serious about closing if they don't get the concessions they need to keep from "Losing" money. Many employees have already filed for unemployment as some of them were informed last Wednesday that the company was closing and they no longer had a job.

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      • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Nov 19, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

        Hey guys, I remember when Wonder Bread came to our town. Before that big bakery opened a real regional factory, people either baked their own bread or went to the local Father-Son small bake shop. The site was at the edge of town in agricultural land.

        Wonder Bread opened up with the backing of the Chamber of Commerce and local government supporters. They built their place close to a major North-South US highway with great access to the place. Behind the bakery factory was a small railroad siding that they could ship flour and stuff in and take baked goods out.

        Elementary school kids got tours of the place using public school transportation (buses); the bakers showed us their gleaming, bright, clean work areas, huge ovens, and rack rooms. We always got a Hostess treat, too.

        By now, there must be bakers from four different generations with ties to Wonder Bread and its parent company in my hometown. But now I suppose the bakers have engineering, marketing, computer degrees instead of a sixth grade education, a willingness to learn an honest trade, and loyalty and commitment to work your whole life at the same place for the same people with the same crew producing safe, reliable, delicious and wholesome consumer products. All IMHO.

        Mr. Congeniality

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