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  • tycoinsider tycoinsider Nov 21, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    What do you think of the Gaza thing?

    Another tragedy for both sides.

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    • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Nov 21, 2012 7:43 PM Flag

      When the Gaza strip fell into Israeli hands after the Six-Day War (1967), the Israelis were faced with a huge dilemma as an occupying power. What to do with what they conquered in a bitter war!

      Wanting first and foremost to create defendable/defensive borders, they tried to do what they could. The Golan Heights is a prime example: strategic, important, and somewhat defendable. Eventually, they claimed it and annexed it. The annexation is NOT recognized by the international community, but it is, de facto, incorporated into the Israeli perimeter.

      Since Eretz Yisroel was designed to be the homeland of a Jewish nation, all peoples under Israeli control do not have an automatic path to citizenship. Some Arab Muslim, some European Christians, etc. are indeed citizens of The State of Israel. Given the Arab Muslim population and fertility rate, Israel realized early on that they would be bred out of its country if all peoples were citizens/voters. {If it sounds downright redneck, it does have those echoes.}

      Enter the Two-State nonsense. Enter Islamist jihadist terrorist holy war by both Fatah & Hamas and probably every other PLO outfit. Entertain "Land-for-Peace" idealism. Withdraw from the Gaza strip. Reap the rocket and mortar attacks. Comes POTUS Hussein declaring Israel should withdraw to pre-1967 (INdefensible) borders! Arab Spring allows the jihadist terrorist Islamist government of Egypt to open the access for Hamas to receive Iranian long-range missles and rockets. New bombardment of Israel from Hamasland with Egypt playing both sides of the street. Muslim Brotherhood bound to defend their brothers of Hamas by ideological and political pressures; wants to be seen as a responsible Middle East player so tried to broker a ceasefire.

      Will rockets be resupplied to Hamas? YES!
      Will Muslim Brotherhood support Hamas? YES!
      Will Egypt protect Israel from Hamas bombardment? NO!
      Will the USA continue to provide $3BILLIONS to Egypt as foreign aid? YES!

      Holy War is madness. Hamas cannot run a reliable government or society in Hamasland. Hamas is committed to Holy War and nothing else.

      Is there a pragmatic answer? Yes, of course. Will it be found? Probably not. Why? Because Hamas and jihadist Islam has the same crazy commitment to eliminate Israel as the tee potty does to stymie problem-solving in Amerika. The Party of NO and the Party of Holy War are really quite similar, aren't they. All IMHO.

      ACE: There are no jokers in my deck.

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