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  • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Nov 30, 2012 10:25 PM Flag

    Untied(sic) Nations Confer Statehood Designation

    Now that the Fatah terrorist guys have UN recognition for the Ramallah region, can Hamas claim the same for Hamasland as a jihadist terrorist Islamist nation?

    How about the Weegars?
    The Tibetans?
    Will Kurdistan truly be reborn?
    What about Catalonia?

    I wonder what the current generation of American indigenous people think about their "nationhood" as tribes under the Interior Department?
    Why not Navajoland?
    How about a Sioux nation?
    Surely the Iroquios have enough clout to claim statehood and a seat at the UN!
    Are there enough American Indians living in Oklahoma ( formerly "Indian Territory") to claim nationhood status as The American Indian Nation?

    Howze about those Puerto Ricans? They can't get statehood within our American Union of 50 states, so why not petition the UN for statehood status instead of retaining commonwealth status?
    Can The Virgin Islands be far behind?
    How about Guam?

    Any reason that the Chechins can't appear at the UN and ask to become a state?
    How about a Sihkland?
    If tribal identity counts, most of Africa should be asking for statehood status precipitated along tribal organization.
    The Aussies would not welcome an Aboriginal statehood claim.
    The Kiwis dread revisiting a Maori nation!

    Belgium is seriously considering splitting their nation in two right now! Why bother, just let the Flems go to Nieu Yawk and ask the UN to declare a Flemish state.

    Way to go Abu Mazan, the can of worms is now open for another 250 new nations!

    Good jobs by both Hilarious Hilary and Susan Rice on influencing the world about the dangers of separatism and national fragmentation. Amerikan foreign policy, like American economic policy, is going down the gurgler. All IMHO.

    ACE: There are no jokers in my deck.

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    • would you be offended if i suggested for you to forget your past writing experience and simply post on these boards without all of the "word-playing" that you do?

      it would certainly help all of us w/o the translating skills needed to understand much of what you're saying and might get you more responses than you've been getting lately. (especially from me)

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