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  • glsowri glsowri Dec 31, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    Bottom line about sobriety checkpoints.

    Drivers are being stopped without justification. Now it isn't just about DUI's. They actually check for valid drivers license, proof of insurance, seatbelt fastened, and etc.

    Now, laws exist for "reckless" driiving. Strengthen them and nail the drunks, texters, incompetent, and etc. Get all the fools off the road but have a reason for stopping them to begin with. This idea to blame alcohol, with an arbritary blood alcohol level, as being the main cause of accidents is nonsense. General stupidity far exceeds alcohol as the problem. Either stop the roadblocks or start making people to submit to an intelligence test to see if they are safe to out on the road.

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    • "Now let me point out that .09 is an arbritary number pulled out of a hat and has no scientiific or historical data to support it, And back in the 70's the US government paid Ohiio State university to do a study and the findings were that at .14 was the appreciable mark of notible decline in physical response and that those at or below .12 actually were better drivers. Not because they were relaxed but rather that they were aware that they had been drinking."
      - it is the law. Also, I disagree, it's arbitrary.

      Like I said before, cite people for being idiots. If they drive drunk, stoned, senile, texting, stupid, or etc. nail them for reckless drriving. We need to quit justifying why people are doing moronic things and just hande the fact that they may just be #$%$.
      - Citing them isn't the problem, that doesn't provide restitution, loss of driving rights.... And you know who makes all the money getting them off don't you. The parasite lawyers who get them off with their licenses to menace the public.

      Stop making excuses for people acting like fools. Just deal with it when they do.
      - How do you deal with them hitting someone injuring/killing them. That's throwing the onus on the victim, not the perp.

    • What ever became of the concept that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

      Get those driving under the influence away from the driver's seat BEFORE they cause a calamity. We know that those breathalizer pre-starting the vehicle devices can be bypassed. Too much mayhem from DUIs.

      Dealing with the bad results after the crash is too late, IMHO.

      The Safety of the Public Matters!

      Mr. Congeniality

    • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Dec 31, 2012 5:32 PM Flag

      Didn't know about the thoroughness of your "sobriety" checks in your state.

      Where I live, they set up a roadblock; stop all cars; ask the driver if he has been drinking before he drove; do a breath-a-lizer screen. If the driver tests positive for alcohol, they pull his car over and then do more intense tests; I think they can demand blood from the driver for a blood alcohol level forensic test. Whether they look for insurance, currency of driver's license, seatbelt fastened, open booze bottles, suspicious packets of white powder or noxious weeds, unpaid traffic tickets, warrants outstanding, alimony and child support deficiencies, et. al., I frankly cannot say or testify about since I do not drink and drive and usually only have to suffer the inconvenience of an uninterrupted driving trip. All IMHO.

      Mr. Congeniality

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