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  • theuprightsareblurry theuprightsareblurry Feb 7, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Fox new purging

    Gasp. First Sarah and now Morris? Could Cull Rove be next? Is fantasy land melting? Is Roger ailing?

    Alas will the host chair be occupied by an empty suit?

    Stay tuned for a new and improved FUX news, of course I will only find out by reading about it.

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    • Plenty of room at the top for promotions from within Fixed Noise.

      Insanity Hannity could move into a more prominent position and become a very forceful mouthpiece for Rupert Blewpert.

      Limberger could be Rushed to the top of the ladder and become the most outspoken #$%$ in the UNIVERSE.

      Willy O'Really has a big ego and is ripe for something.

      And then there is an entire "harem" of the feminine empty-headed ones who could climb their way up.

      The largely rural, white, old male followers of Fixed Noise are a fine audience and deserve the very best rightwing nuts the world can offer. Between cleaning their guns to protect their Second Amendment rights and thumping the Holy Book, they should be entertained by faux news and screwy opinions. All IMHO.

      Mr. Congeniality

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    • Alas will the host chair be occupied by an empty suit?

      I thought "THE Empty Suit" already had a job as the POTUS!

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