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  • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Apr 21, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Dispensing Justice in the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack

    This is NOT hate-keyboarding, just a sober and practical assessment and prescription of how the justice system could work in this heinous, notorious case.

    In the first place, we don't have to be concerned about Subject One, the Chechen bro with the black baseball cap; he was thoroughly ventilated by bullets and is dead. No out-tel available from him now; that he allegedly was on the FBI radar screen and then allowed to slip off speaks volumes about the LACK of intelligence in this computer age. Went to Dagastan in January of 2012 did he; stayed six months and was in Chechnya, too. Yeah, great follow-up on our part.

    Subject #2 is in a hospital under guard. " Mirandize" him? May I suggest sodium-penatholizing him! Squeeze what information is available from this skateboarding killer. I believe the final conclusion is going to be that these nice Chechen boys became ardent, violent, action-prone Chechen khalifate Islamist jihadist terrorists. That they committed an act of terrorism in the USA resulting in multiple deaths and mass casualties. And when he recovers (remember he is a 19-year old athlete), maybe a few sessions of hard interrogation (can you remember "Water-Boarding?") might be employed to wring out whatever he may know about Islamist jihadist terrorist cells and networks operating in the USA.

    Since the Commonwealth of Taxachusetts has NO death penalty, and surely the death penalty is the proper decision in this attack upon innocents, there are at least two (2) ways to go: Federal indictment, trial before a federal jury, in a federal court where the death penalty is available OR convene a military commission and try Suspect 2 under a US military tribunal where the death penalty is available.

    My choice would be the military commission concept. Anybody remember Whitey Bulger? What is his current status? SWIFT justice is called for in this terrorist situation; the military commission is capable of dealing with the matter quickly. All IMHO.

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    • Ace, don't you think the older brother is the 1 who knew anything worthwhile and this 1 is just Chumley?

      Think this 1 is the dupe. Maybe they ought to send him back and let him get raped.

    • Ace,

      Whitey is sitting in a prison in Plymouth Mass while his lawyers are trying to say that he had immunity from the FBI.

      Here's another pos who is fed better and receiving better medical treatment than most. He ought to be executed.

    • Hate to say this accer...You are nuts...
      I believe in OUR constitution and all the rights..If people just supported the 2Nd amendment, time to support the fifth...

      He should be merandised and tried simply in the courts of Mass...All federal offenses should then be tried simultaneously also..

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      • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Apr 21, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

        Do I infer that youse wants the empty-headed courts of Taxachussets to try and dispose of this case? Remember one of the Kennedys and some poor secretary who drowned in a car a few years back? How much justice did Mary Jo Kopechne get in politically-oriented Taxachusetts? Methinks competence in dispensing justice is called for here: fair and swift.

        Remember, NO death penalty is available under Taxachusetts criminal law.

        Yes, the Commonwealth of Taxachusetts can charge a suspect under federal laws and obtain convictions; but NO death penalty in Taxachusetts courts.

        Whereas, if the feds decide to prosecute Subject 2 under federal laws, in a federal court, with a federal jury, the death penalty IS available. That could be a long, long, long process. Think of Whitey Buger in retirement and repose at a jail in Plymouth while his case drags on into its third year.

        There is a reason for the "public safety" exception in administering the Miranda Rules. This case justifies it; Fifth Amendment is fine for run-of-the-mill law enforcement, but this a case of mass murder and mayhem exacted on innocents by Chechen Islamist jihadist terrorists. Time to apply the law as intended in this modern, but very dangerous, age of terrorism.

        Military tribunal is the expedient route and a conviction followed by a quick hanging will send a message. Ask Mary Surrat's descendents if a US citizen can be charged, apprehended, tried, convicted, and punished by a US military tribunal. There is precedent. How to get around his naturalized US citizenship; res ipso locatur. It was a false declaration of loyalty and allegiance to the USA as demonstrated by the terrorist attack in Boston; revoke the naturalization status, if youse must, but try him in front of a military tribunal. All IMHO.

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      • Wherever he is tried he ought to executed.

        He;ll never be rehabilitated, never be released, just a negative drain on society.

        They ought to execute Manson & Sirhan as well. Throw in the Mafia with life terms as well.

    • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Apr 21, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

      Who and where is Whitey Bulger?

      Bulger was allegedly the capo of an Irish Mafia gang in Boston. Whitey seems to be implicated in many criminal activities including 19 murders. He claims to have immunity from prosecution because a federal prosecutor named Sullivan awarded that status to him. White Bulger also claims he was an FBI informatant and protected by them.

      He was apprehended in 2011 and sits comfortably and safely in a jail in Plymouth, Taxachusetts awaiting trial in federal court. It doesn't hurt that his brother Bill Bulger is the former President of the Taxachussets State Senate! Ah, yes, politics and crime; together they weave a web.

      Subject #2 may not have Irish Mafia connections, but taking him through either the regular commonwealth courts or federal courts will prolong the dispensing of justice to this most-probable Chechen khalifate advocate who chose to become an Islamist jihadist terrorist on Patriot's Day in Boston last week and killed and injured innocent people. All IMHO.

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      • Ace, Whitey was using the FBI from the 70 through the 90s. He was an 'informant' who actually told them little if anything they didn't already know. He was considered 'instrumental' in the FBI bringing down the Anguilos in Boston. It was the FBI agent, John 'Zip' Connolly, a childhood friend of Whitey's brother Billy (state senate leader in Mass) who 'handled' Whitey.

        For more get the book 'The Brothers Bulger' for starters.

      • headsdownpuffisinboundin15 headsdownpuffisinboundin15 Apr 21, 2013 2:56 PM Flag

        Waterboarding? LOL. You may as well let Cheney sit down with him, he will talk him to death.Try eliminating his wife, girlfriend, mom, dad, chickens, cats, dogs, uncles, aunts, grandmother, grandfather. Then put him in a room with retired and let them fertilize each other till neither can walk and barely breathe, and then say to him let's talk?

        Final step and last resort. Let Donny have a go at him.

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