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  • Putin continues to insist that the rebels were responsible for the Sarin gas attacks, and not Assad. Claims he has evidence that the rebels were the culprits. Yet Putin contradicts himself with his proposal to disarm Syria's chem weapons stockpile. What da hey?

    How is this not construed to be a concession by Putin to Obama's credible threat of targeted missile strikes? It was Putin who caved, not Obama. Think about it.

    Thank you Obama for your continued strong leadership.

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    • There's no contradiction. Putin's position is that Assad did not use chemicals and is willing to demonstrate that he does not use them by giving them up.

      Your worship of Obama makes you blind. There's good reason to believe that Barry O's mom was CIA , and that Barry's been CIA since he was in college. He was mentored by spooky guys in college, and after Columbia his first job was with a CIA front. He's not what you think he is. It's his job to make you think he is what he's not while he serves the 1%.

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