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  • howshrewdcanibe howshrewdcanibe Oct 30, 1999 1:50 PM Flag

    Expect TYC to be severely tested

    to hold the $38 mark next week. Again, if it
    holds, it may come back and retest several times over
    the coming weeks. If at any point it breaks $38, it
    will go to the low $30s, which appears to have massive
    support. My bet iis it will not hold $38. Long term
    holders, hold and don't watch the stock hour by hour.
    Short term traders, you're playing with matches at the
    gas pump. Shorts, you have equal risk reward.
    Watchers but don't own, wait for successful test of


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    • thank you, you are the first understanding person I have encountered on this board. I came here to engage in decent discussion and felt like I was being attacked from the getgo.


    • By: howshrewdcanibe
      now read this very
      carefully, cuz this is twice now i'm explaining

      It's not about 2 points, it's about a stock that has
      no legs and that could drop another
      -20 to -30 %
      (usually one year's return for most stocks) from here. And
      that won't be known until the stock passes its test of
      finding its true support. I'd rather pay 2-3 pts higher
      knowing it passed that test than buy now in an attempt to
      bottomfish only to find out I own a $30 stock bot at $40.
      Now I'm outta here.


      It appears some YAHOOligans owe you an

      You have my attention! <s>


    • it's 9:50 am monday and TYC is at 37 1/2, down -2
      1/2. As I said, TYC must be severely tested at 38-39,
      which you questioned me on. Well, here we are shithead.
      Last Friday on heavy volume means we are about in the
      3rd inning of this test.


    • or just stupid?????????

    • of my bowel movement this morning.....

      I would say you are in for a 5% drop for the day.

    • Under CNBC market watch, the analysist ratings this morning show 2 Strong Buy, 11 Buy, and no hold or sell recommendations at all!

      Lets rock today!

    • Can anyone tell us where to go this mornig to check how the ratings are this morning before the bell?

    • Whenever a chart is wrong, then:
      "We have just
      entered a new pattern!"
      Whenever a chart is very
      wrong, then:
      "We are very impressed with the strength
      with which the old pattern has been

      And speaking of charts that can tell volumes, check
      out BEARX. This is David Tice's brains on display,
      where every $9.25 share bought at the fund's startup in
      Jan97 is now worth $4.25. Tice's brains-on-display has
      been making new lows almost every month! I have heard
      several names for this kind of chart: freight train going
      downhill (do not get in front), a falling knife (do not
      grab), half a dog pile (do not even get close). Remember
      that it is just as difficult to be wrong all the time
      as to be right all the time. So Tice is very
      valuable, not just because he is getting lots of rich old
      Texan women to lose money to the rest of the world, but
      he is an outstanding contrary indicator! Play the
      Tice and become a TYCOon.

    • Just saw this message on the Silicon Investor Board. We need to check all recommendations this morning.

    • you better be careful, NADS will come down hard on you. If NADS has news let him tell us himself. Get out while you can!!!(shorts)

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