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  • swampsoy swampsoy Dec 9, 1999 8:51 PM Flag


    Today was a great buying opportunity and
    the stock drops to 24 tomorrow I'll buy more
    if it drops the day after I'll buy again.
    This is
    an excellent opportunity to buy into
    a solid
    respectable company at a discounted
    price. The SEC will
    not find any major
    problems with this company.

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    • Time will tell what happens. I for one think
      disastors can be defused. J&J is an example. They took
      tylenol off the shelves for the benefit of their
      customers. TYCO is doing the same. The problem is all these
      companies with acquistions have used pooling of interest
      accounting which is legal; however, the law is due to change
      next year.

      I just think their name will be
      cleared quickly and the CEO is helping by being
      forthcoming and open.

    • You might want to look at the links I posted
      earlier. There doesn't have to be leaking from the inside.
      These a boiler plate filings, and they file hundreds
      every year. They are almost word for word identical.
      And they are filed anytime a stock drops
      significantly if they can drum up one of their standard
      reasons..any insider selling within the last 2 years, etc.

    • ttttttyyyyyyccccccoooooo ttttttyyyyyyccccccoooooo Dec 9, 1999 10:04 PM Flag

      Like it or not, Tice stung Tyco hard. This
      company grows by aquisitions? Mostly buy trading it's own

      It's buying power has been greatly limited buy this
      controversy. Not to mention aquistitions aren't as likely now
      that their name has been tarnished. Who would want to
      be acquired by them right now?

      I don't think
      the allegations have any weight at all, but I can see
      clearly enough to know that this has hurt TYC's future

      What happens next year when all the
      earning warnings start hitting?

    • I hold shares of the Prudent Bear Fund because I thought the market woould start correcting this week...

      I only hold TYCO and BEARX, how ironic.

    • Sounds like Tice is playing a game that works
      sometimes but not this time. His bluff is being called by
      Koslowski....I have one question that maybe someone can help can 5 lawsuits be filed so quickly unless there
      was leaking from the inside?

    • Don't get mad, GATHER EVIDENCE!?!

      Bring-up YAHOO Finance, get quote for

      Prudent Bear (BEARX,) Manager David W.

      2) Bring-up profile; then, click on .........

      3) Note that the published data

      ... "Portfolio Composition"
      ... "Sector
      ... "Top Equity Holdings)
      ... "Quotes for Top
      ... "Equity Holdings"

      Has not been "UPDATED"
      since 2/31/1998.

      Question? This data is
      published as a public
      resource to educate investor's
      about the "TICE"

      ...... "Prudent Bear

      Since this page apparently has not been updated since
      2/31/1998, and no February has "31" days,

      WHAT DO WE
      and SAVE to DISK

    • Thanks for the humor possum...after a day
      like today I needed a laugh!

      linuxtyco .com, damn that is funny

    • Ha, Ha, Ha, Tice won't be bobbing for apples at my house, either

    • screw this tice dick...he certainly won't be
      invited over to my home for Christmas dinner...i also
      think this thing has gone way overboard, insane. so
      we're probably due for a company name change to, say,

    • You just bought this thing today with a pending
      SEC investigation, and you rant and rave about Tice
      becaue you feel sorry for people that lost money today?
      Jeeez.. it's not like this hasn't been in the news for 3
      weeks. Anyone that stayed in after the warnings should
      of been aware of the potential risk. And it is
      Tice's business.. he's in the business of shorting
      companies that are overvalued. I don't think the SEC is in
      the game of investigating rumours.

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