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  • hardrockminer52_92 hardrockminer52_92 Jun 1, 2000 10:00 AM Flag

    ima, Thanks for the info; I'm reading

    for the
    restated numbers, before moving further.

    By the
    way; you and I and Roost and mabey scuba need to get
    together somdeday and talk about the wood business. We do
    it right were gonna need a bean counter. My soninlaw
    wants to move our business into a location with a store
    front. I'm not sure; thinking internet might be a better
    marketing method. Whattaya think.

    On the trail home.
    Had to put out a fire. Canadian lawyer tried to do it
    herself instead of hiring competent US counsel. Long
    story; but gonna take at least three months to clean up
    the mess and she is sitting up there with her clients
    teeth marks all up and down her backside.

    is this freak from area code 212? We have seen a
    couple of misogamists on this board before. Probably all
    the same guy. The pitiful little SOB has horribly
    bashed every woman who has ever tried to post on this
    board. My guess is his mother put him down so often, for
    his childhood failures, that he's permanetly scarred
    and just lost. He is probably married to huge woman,
    who knows she has nothing to fear from him and laughs
    in his face every night, which only drives up his

    Anyway, later, hardrock,

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    • in a fantasy world. Wake up guy, before it is too late.

    • name is. Casey Stengle said it best. "If if ever need a brain transplant, I want yours, because its never been used".

      Sincerely, hardrock

    • actually have nothing to say for or against tyco
      one way or the other. Just wanted to correct what I
      saw as misperceptions about the lawsuit. In the long
      run, the lawsuit most likely will not have any
      material effect on Tyco, that is unless for some reason
      the evidence of egregious behavior is much stronger
      than indicated at this time.

    • If Tyco stole propietary information from GBLX
      and is using it on its own behalf or gave it to GBLX
      competitors, than the economic damages, i.e., the lost profits
      to GBLX projected into the future could be huge. How
      much,I have no idea, but that is why economists,
      accountants and acturaries are called as experts at trial.
      Unless you are talking about property damage, there is
      rarely a "clearly definable damage" amount. That's what
      trials are often about, to have the jury delineate from
      the evidence what the damages truly are. As for
      punitive damages, I have not reviewed the statutes or
      jurisprudence in this area, but my guess would be that punitive
      damages would be applicable in a case where one company
      stole another companies propietary information and used
      it for its own purposes. It is precisely the threat
      of a huge punitive damage award that will likely
      result in a large settlement.

    • see you on may 22, 2002 - 2 years from date of
      lawsuit. a good anniversary to use, imo.
      tyc was at 44,
      gblx was at 28.02. tyc is ahead so far, but like you
      said, it's only been a few days.

      i'm sure that
      oversized brain of yours won't forget.

    • get it! So what if TYC did something wrong. Who
      cares? Damages are based on actual losses, and what,
      praytell, are GBLX actual losses? If GBLX wanted to really
      get some money out of a suit they would wait until
      they have a clearly defineable damge claim, right? But
      they didn't wait. They filed suit anyway. Why? Now
      think about why GBLX would file a suit for a
      trillion-billion, knowing they really don't have any clearly
      defineable damages. If you can answer this correctly, you
      have matured today. Oh, and don't hipe the punative
      thing because punative damages rarely ever apply in a
      case like this. If you reply and say "Yes they do",
      then you are either ignorant or you have another
      agenda. Get it?

    • return and see which companies stock has advanced by the greatest percentage. In fact, I'll give you a handicap.

    • care to pick a future date to compare gains?

    • but hey, i always liked you. well, we agree on one more thing. i am obnoxious, but then again, this is just a yahoo msg board.

    • thing over a decade ago, until Pennzoil cleaned
      its clock for a judgment of 12,000,000,000 dollars,
      forcing Texaco into bankruptcy. Its a shame we can't
      access Texaco's denial of the charges back then. I can
      just imagine, "pennzoil's suit is frivolous and simply
      a nuisance, filed because it doesn't want to pay
      its bills.

      Keep dreaming

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