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  • allure_trap allure_trap Feb 10, 2006 7:49 AM Flag


    you are rookie dumbass...
    look at INSM ( after FDA approval it went down first...accumulated and RUN UP)
    many reasons can be...But FDA approval is a key....only Up from here..
    but I suspect that you are just a fucking paid basher posting your stupid "strong sell" every day.....Pathetic Fuck!!!

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    • Happen to own a pretty significant amount of INSM. Average price 2.26. Funny you should use that example. Just latched on to some GTCB at 1.69 the other day. So I'm hardly a clueless basher. Just don't like the way this one acted after FDA approval. The volume has been terrible from Wednesday on. I don't think the case of malaise here is going to go away.

    • thirtythousand_lbs_of_bananas thirtythousand_lbs_of_bananas Feb 10, 2006 11:33 AM Flag

      Ha ha ha LOL

      I was just going to reply to him with that same senario!!!
      I went to the next message first and saw you already did.
      I got burned when the MMs faked us out with INSM myself.
      Right before they got FDA approval it was around 1.50 pps.
      When the got FDA approval after hours it soared to 2.36. Next day came back down to 1.60s
      I sold too early. I could have more than doubled my money.

      Then it took about a month, but from there doubled.

      Now I know why an old coworker who trades stocks now for a living doesn't want a computer in his house.

      Sometimes you have to get burned to learn.
      I'm holding on here. Only up for NASI.