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  • mosesnoses mosesnoses Mar 19, 2001 8:57 AM Flag

    Glad NASI isn't in the restenosis ... anymore!!! After release of research showing that radiotherapy for restenosis doesn't work, NOVT is going to get KILLED! It closed 29 and change Friday, today it's offered at 20 a half hour before the open. That is after NOVT stated that they were going to EXCEED earnings!

    Nasi continues to look strong after options expiration...low teens by Friday?

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    • I usually agree with you, Moses, but this time I'm afraid you're leading us away from the promised land. The article the AP disseminated this morning was about the worst written article I've ever read! They completely missed the mark. The study presented yesterday at the ACC was for primary stenosis, (not in-stent restenosis) and close evaluation of the data (the study slides are available on line) shows it was a favorable outcome for the radiation arms. The subsets that did not show benefit were confounded by geographic miss, according to the authors.

      While the authors of the article do mention geographic miss as a possible problem, they completely bungled the other relevent issues, as well as the conclusion.

      I am still hopeful that NASI will be able to parner with someone to provide isotope for intravascular brachytherapy catheters. As is true for prostate seeds, the opportunity is probably short-lived. Coated stents may be only a year or two away. Nevertheless, the market is huge. If production could be quickly implemented without much difficulty, as I would guess, it would seem to be worthwhile.