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  • mosesnoses mosesnoses Aug 22, 2001 9:22 AM Flag

    NASI isn't known to leak news

    As long as I have watched this company I have never known NASI to tip their hand in advance of earnings. Someone probably just decided they could use their money elsewhere the other day when it dropped. Not to worry, the long and the strong will win this one.

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    • In my experience, those who become "comfortable" with options tend to lose money. They are useful to those who think about what they are doing.

      Second topic:
      My projection for revenues this quarter is $5.4M. I usually make net and eps estimates but because of the Apomate expenses, I'm not confident in those numbers.


    • Thanks for the reply. I am still learning about puts and calls because they seem to be other tools to use in the marketplace. Trying to read and learn all I can.Not comfortable with them yet.

    • I'm not going to get into the details but it gives somebody the right to buy or sell a contract(100 shares) at a specific price at a given time. If they are not exercised, there is no impact on volume. If they are excercised, then the buy the stock at the previously agreed price. However, in most cases the people sell their shares immediately causing high volume on the third Friday of each month. Basically in doubles the transactions since there are two buys and sells. With the March meltdown poeple could have made $4-5 on a $1 investment.

    • I am not proficient in puts and calls. What does the info you posted seem to say?

    • I guess you don't know what the quiet period means!! Earnings right now are not a major factor. However, GE is in a massive PR program for PET and that could have some effect. It is a little early to start any advertising but some news about the testing, again, will be the major focus of the CC. MNTR said seed sales were up 2% so there shouldn't be a major surprise on sales either way. If they are proceeding according to the last CC, they could spend upwards of 3-3.5M on Apomate testing which would mean a loss but that should already been considered by the analysts.