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  • oooooweooooo oooooweooooo Feb 7, 2003 6:35 PM Flag

    last molecule

    you are a dumb fuk! you know nothing!

    why out of the 22 of the 24 conflicts on earth is it muslim vs. somebody. (and mostly not with jews) but you nazi boy (last mole) you blame jews. your wrong. the usa would be in this position no matter what. muslim fanatics want to convert or kill your ugly ass having nothing to do with israel. so pipe down and shut the fuk up!

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    • The muslims preach that they will take over the world and only their God will be allowed.

      All schools will be only for learning the koran.

    • Muslims are in every war except 1 or two. They want to take over the world and turn every country into an islamic state. Do you wnat your kdis in Burqa's all the time? want to pray all the time? That's all Muslims do-pray to allah to destroy people that don't think like them-they even had someone take a shot at the Pope. Remember? So take your jealousies of Jews, shine them up real good, turn them sideways and shove them straight up your KKK Muslim loving ASS! If you SMEEELLLLL, what the Rock is Cookin'!

    • Hey idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Read the last 4 words of your message and apply it!

      These boards are comprised of many folks seeking knowledge; not a cheap thrill of posting trash like you; and others I might add. I for one think you have absolutely nothing but sawdust in your noggin. If I wanted to read trash, akin to your sub level knowledge, I could click on the porn. sites that post willy-nilly to email boxes these days.

      Get a life idiot; and quite the trash postings. I can guarantee I speak for 90% of the posters to this site; in that you and your trash mouth PUNKS can go the way of the sewer lines; ie, into the bay and forever out of sight. Your kind, with your mannerisms, have no place in our world.....PUNK!!!!!!


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