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  • aspenactor2000 aspenactor2000 Dec 15, 2004 9:07 PM Flag


    To africa since they dont like our country, our administration, our schools, our employment opportunities, etc etc etc..
    just give me money because my grea great greeat great great grandpa was a slave.
    give me special this and special that..
    damn just go back we will pay you to go if you'll just freaking leave.
    somalians aren't bitching, russians, iraq, haitians build their own rafts to get here.
    vietnemese, laotians, chinese they work hard to get here..
    they open businesses and succeed.
    all you can eat buffets of chinese, japanese, thai, etc are everywhere.
    tell me one damn restaurant chain or theme based on fraking kwanza people or other negroe food that is successfull.
    hey how about all you can eat chittilin's.
    bitch bitch bitch..
    go home..other than that i am having a wonderful evening

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    • "A lovely lady with red hair has just stepped from the shower and is a shiny bright as the ornaments on the tree..
      Me thinks she wants me to play Santa as she plays the chimney."

      Doesn't your sister work?

    • Ah but the French and Germans ....blindly followed their leader's commands on voting against invading iraq, where more billions of your and my $$$ had been stolen under the Oil for Food plan.
      But after all Saddam should have had some fun too.
      Afterall his 2 , now wonderfully bullet riddled kids, had lots of fun with females virigins 10 to 15...
      Spread the joy within the family...nice guys.
      You should pray every day that Gore was not president when 9 11 happened.
      He would have apologized that it took so long for the Twin Towers to have fallen...
      After all those dang towers were where the wealthy Republican types worked..not dee po' foks..
      I am having a nice weekend ..Thank you.
      A lovely lady with red hair has just stepped from the shower and is a shiny bright as the ornaments on the tree..
      Me thinks she wants me to play Santa as she plays the chimney.
      See ya

    • Too bad your daughter or grand daughter never had the pleasure of meeting one of Saddam's sons.
      I seem to remember he was a wonderful baby sitter for 10 to 14 year old virigins.
      But , yeh we waster $$4 invading Iraq..
      Oh sure there were the billions of the stolen oil for food $$$$ by Saddam, thereby depriving his people of food..and that little gas incident with the Kurds...but hey can't a guy have alittle fun..
      Maybe you would like to vsaacation to iran this summer..HHHhhmm??

    • "He's pissed away BILLIONS in Iraq"...of course just your opinion and not those who were repressed, tortured or killed. Of course, long term benefits to Middle East relationship not withstanding

      "and has made us and Israel more vunerable to terrorists in the future:........on what basis? Were the nice terrorists going to leave us alone after 9/11 or continue their 25 year escalation of violence?

    • Like I said in the previous post..I am not big Bush fan by any means.

      My response was strictly in regards to holding him responsible for UN corruption. Bushes policies aren't what I am making reference too.

      The UN is in control of its own dealings...once money is handed over to them from whomever its out of the donor's hands. SUPPOSEDLY the funds the UN receives are supposed to go to documented expenses and programs...somehow I have a feeling if Kofi and son outlined their theft and presented it prior to commiting the acts the funding would not have been approved.

      Once again..I am not defending Bush..but in this case the blame belongs squarely on the UN's shoulders..every day the UN shows us just how hypocritical and corrupt it is...

    • This is true..the US does help fund the UN. And I don't dispute that the money that Kofi in part came from US funds. But the way you phrased it was as if Bush handed Kofi the money ( btw..I am no big fan of Bush ).

      The fact is that the money once given to the UN is no longer under the control of the US. It is under the control of the UN and the criminals they do business with...This was Kofi and friends doing...

      Have a good weekend

    • Brilliantpoker-
      I thought you were on here to resond to antisemites. That's fine, but if you are going to defend Bush and his awful fiscal policies with what you just posted, then your out of your element. The buck stops at his desk. He's pissed away BILLIONS in Iraq and has made us and Israel more vunerable to terrorists in the future.

    • Bush is the Chief executive of the federal government. Explain to me why I am wrong to hold him accountable for federal spending.

      What a funny guy you are!

    • My comment was in reference to Aspenactor saying that Kofi stole US taxpayer money. The US helps fund the UN. Read all post be4 your respond. Have a pleasant one.

    • "Kofi and his son can steal money b//c the foolish white president gives it away!"

      Sorry your logic is wrong..Kofi,son and their theives network stealing money has nothing to do with has to to do with the useless nations and the corruption within.

      If the U.S. offers me money I will take it too, they spend like there is no tomorrow.

      ���Bush nor anyone else in the government ok'd kofi and friends stealing money and corrupting the program..they did that along with Saddam and his buddies.

      That loser (Bush) obviously cannot do simple math.

      ���You talk like Bush manages everything and no one else has a hand in the government...and apparently Kofi who you seem to be trying to let off the hook is very good at counting...counting stolen aid money.

      More expenditures than revenues equal a large deficit that people in Africa probably fund a bit of. lol.

      ���What a funny guy you are.

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