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  • yahoo yahoo May 2, 2005 3:53 AM Flag

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    • you people are idiots if you can't see the trend.
      the smart guys shake out all the losers when aol gos
      in the 80s then all of a sudden this thing goes back
      to 105 look at the chart. last time the stock was in
      the 80s about a mth ago all these idiot technicians
      said sell then it went to 105. use your brains

    • I agree! And nothing Good is for free neither!...
      Does anyone think they give away good tasty food for
      homeless? If you have money, would you eat free-homeless
      food or go and pay for a good piece of meat? The same
      with the service. I will pay for AOL, until someone
      better comes in the way ( which I doubt,they are so much
      ahead). At least for few years from now.

      Gates and others just trying to munipulate most of the
      net stocks ( short term ), by creating a fear among
      the individual investors, simply because he missed
      getting into nets and wants to get in now. He realize
      that this is where the future is!...He tryed to get in
      the way of AOL before and didn't succeed.

      when something is for free, it's only for trail and
      after few times ( when they hook you) they ask for
      money. It's an old trick!

      I agree, time to buy
      AOL and hold it! Institutions always saying; when a
      good stock get bit up for a not a good reason, time to

      Good luck to all AOL longs!!!

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