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  • dbw2222 dbw2222 Jan 10, 2006 9:46 PM Flag

    Jcf , you have to admit

    this does not look good, as you know I'm long very long but the fact is that TWX has been at it's low and the rest of the market is at a highs is not a good sign . I would at least have expected TWX to be at least in the mid eighteens. Now the cable is out of favor. Seems like there is always something. But on good news it can't move north. What's your opinion

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    • "I remember when the worst thing on the board was Casefuked."

      Hey Hey Hey,, Casfuked is now an ICON on this board. Maybe if Fiber would had stayed with the Fiber ID instead of JCF he too would have been an ICON. So, JCF is the fool of the board.

    • Well, what can I say. Perhaps your type seems to bring out the worst in people?

      I remember when the worst thing on the board was Casefuked. Sadly the award now goes to you.


    • JCF - Plain and simple, you're a bully. Low-self esteem? You should know!

      It's not too late. Sorry you were bullied as a child...

      The complulsion to get the last word in? Gee, you're not playing that game, huh? Try not answering this!

    • JCF - Just in case you don't know, people out here don't like you.

      Don't bother telling us why. We're not interested in the long ass, legend in your own mind speech.

    • "The fact that my words can have any effect on you whatsoever shows the level of thin skin, insecurity and low self esteem you have for yourself."

      I suggest you read some of your own posts. Talk about a hypocrite. LOL.

    • Dike female? Do you mean, "Dyke"? If you're going to call someone a name, you should at least get it right. Wow, again with the homophic response, and this time with just a dash of misogyny thrown in.

      I think I respond to your posts because you are so full of yourself that it's laughable. And obviously I'm not the only one. You're either telling someone to meet you for a fight, or calling someone a fagot, and every once in a while you even throw in a reasonable view of TWX and the market.

      The only person you seem to have respect for is your alias, dbw.

      The bottom line is you're a no good, delusional, homophobic, idiotic, violent, floor-flushing pumper.

      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, asshole.

      Do you want me to wear a red cap or blue one when I fly 3,000 miles to NYC for our meeting? ;-)

      Don't forgot to shut off daddy's PC when you're done, junior!

    • now now must understand that nothing anyone says on this board has any effect whatsoever on the price of the stock either in a positive or negative grow up...the adults on this board are fed up with your juvenile antics !!

      btw...look at my sentiment disclosure and be assured that i NEVER lose.

    • Wouldn't you know that you would show up. JCF was also pumping you a week or two ago. Most likely you are JCF.


      Have a great day!

    • Cableshitforbrains-

      Who cares what you think of JCF. The main question is where is TWX stock price going. I will bet you a trip to Frendlys Ice Cream Shop for you and your fat toothless mother,that TWX will be over $19.00 per share by end Febuary. Mark my words. Do we have a be? See what your mama thinks?


    • Do you really think your name calling hurts anyone? Do you really think your pumping helps this stock? You really do have problems that you need to seek help for.

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