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  • i_think_thus_not_liberal i_think_thus_not_liberal Jan 23, 2008 3:42 PM Flag

    Another Leftist Gone - Heath "BrokeBack" Ledger


    While our brave, all-volunteer Republican military was fighting two wars in ALL OUR NAMES in Afghan-land and Iraq - Heath the ultra-liberal Ledger was filming Hollywood's conception of a "good" leftist cowboy movie - a gay blade cowboy movie...BrokeBack Mountain.

    Hollywood loved turning America's macho symbol into a pansy-ass. And Heath Ledger cooperated with this scheme.

    Meanwhile - our good kids - our soldiers were sacrificing so Heath could make his gay movie.

    Well...Heath...we hardly knew ye. Your life was a total waste. You didn't deserve the protection our brave all-volunteer Republican military afforded you.

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    • BrokeBack Mountain has a ridiculous plot. It is very difficult for me to believe that two healthy red blooded American young men would go for one another when there are all those beautiful sheep prancing about.

    • More words from a Christian: "Techbored - you cellulitic loud-mouth. Give it up already. We're on to you - another idiotic East-Coast Beyitch who worships the ShrillaryBEAST - no matter how much the world hates her and YOU!"

    • More words from a "Christian"...

      "Not so fast SISTER....your a no good leftist loser. Certainly no Christian. Your about as Christian as my dick...and my dick has no conscience as all....except when it comes to seeing you."

    • Thanks for proving my point. I am a Christian. End of the discussion.

      Are the following the words of a Christian? I'll let God decide that:

      "First you try to tell us your a man...NOT.

      Then, you tell us your from Chicago..NOT.

      Now you try to pass yourself off as a Christian....NOT.

      Your a curly haired, very fat BEYITCH who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan...and everyone who knows you HATES your
      oversized butt.

      Your beyond a disgrace. YOUR A NOTHING.

      George W. Bush CRAPS bigger than contribution to our world."

    • Ok. It's the AMERICAN, not Republican, Army was off fighting the REPUBLICAN war. The army could be here defending our boarders instead of protecting the oil fields of Iraq. Our tax dollars could be going towards national projects like education, boarder defense, and heathcare. Oh and by the way there are people in the Army and Republicans even that are gay and appreciated what Heath Ledger did for them.

      However, Heath Ledgers death has nothing to do with the American Military or any Republican. Heath was a human being who was a talented actor. He stared in several great movies, not just Brokeback Mountain. In one of my favorite movies he played a Revolutionary War soldier who died fighting for our freedom. Does he get remembered for that movie? No, because he made a movie in which he played a gay man. I'm not gay and I've never seen the movie, but I know that he was nominated for an Acadamy Award for his performance. What does that mean? He was a great actor. That's what he should be remembered for.

      As an Athiest living in America I'm so glad that I am not famous. If I died tomorrow my friends and family would remember all the great times we had together, all the good things that I've done, and for all the lives that I've touched. If I was in the media spotlight at the time of my death there would be people out there saying that I deserved to die because I was immoral in the eyes of God.

      Doesn't that sound crazy? Isn't it immoral to think that someone deserves to die? Isn't it immoral to hate thy fellow man? Who really deserves to die, someone who played a gay man in a movie a few years back, or someone that takes joy in the fact that another human being is dead?

      Everyone should remember that religion should be based on loving thy neighbor and forgiveness. Atheists believe the same thing. This nonsense is just one more reason that the atheism movement is growing in this country.

    • "Manners? A crude beyitch like you - street trash from Forest Hills/Kew Gardens....will forever be ridiculed by me.


      Make up anything you want. It doesn't further your cause one bit.

    • Whatever dude. Until you learn some respect and some manners you can shut the fuck up.

    • All Republican military??? Are you nuts? Many of these kids and from illegal families seeking there green cards. Another larger percentages are kids seeking money for college while still a larger percentage are just from low income families who are just seeking jobs with benefits.

    • What a completely stupid post.

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