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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 Jun 1, 2011 2:37 AM Flag

    Attention U.S. FDA and health department.


    塑化劑風暴/加川興業淪毒商卻未告知涉隱匿 Plasticizer Storm / Kagawa drug providers failed to inform the Industrial Enemy involving hidden
    更新日期: 2011/06/01 13:28 Updated: 2011/06/01 13:28

    塑化劑風暴越滾越大,加川興業把有毒塑化劑原料賣給下游廠商,製作果汁口含錠,業者還包括了台糖等知名的業者,其中位在嘉義的卡布其生技公司,還把產品賣到人聲鼎沸的夜市,總計高達60多廠商受害,而加川興業把毒品賣到下游,竟然在第一時間沒有盡到告知義務,涉嫌隱匿,因此衛生單位將依食品管理法開罰,最高可以祭出15萬元的罰單。 Plasticizer snowballing crisis, Kagawa Industrial toxic plasticizer raw materials sold to downstream manufacturers, making juice mouth with tablets, the industry also includes the TSC and other well-known industry, which is located in Chiayi Kabuqi biotechnology company also sell products crowded night market, a total of 60 victims of multi-vendor, and sold the drugs Kagawa Industrial downstream, even in the first time this obligation is not fulfilled, suspected of hiding, so health units will be opened according to the Food Control Act fines , the maximum dishing out 15 million tickets.

    嘉義縣衛生局人員,來到了卡布其生技公司的倉庫,成堆的塑化劑原料和果汁口含錠成品,數量有近5百公斤,衛生人員一一查扣,更令人害怕的是,這些產品已經有2個月的時間,都流到了人聲鼎沸的夜市。 Chiayi County Health Bureau, came to the khakis biotechnology company's warehouse, piles of raw materials, plasticizers mouth with tablets and juice products, the number has nearly 5 million kilograms, health personnel seized one by one, even more frightening is that these products have 2 months time, all flow to the crowded night market. 嘉市刑大隊長蔡政達:「向台北加川興業進貨,目前銷售出去還不是很多,一般都是下游糖果廠商。」 Captain Chia Tsai City of punishment: "Societe Generale to Taipei Kagawa purchase, sell out now not a lot of candy makers are generally lower."

    果汁口含錠很順口,消費者沒事就往嘴裡塞,不知道吃下了多少的毒劑,許多生技公司也都成了受害者。 Juice mouth with tablets is very easy to read, nothing to go out into the mouth of consumers do not know how much eating poison, many biotech companies have also become victims. 嘉市刑大隊長蔡政達:「因為有主動把產品封存,所以查緝行動很順利,整個產品都把它封存。」 Captain Chia Tsai City of punishment: "Because of the initiative to product storage, so the crackdown went well, treat it sealed the entire product."

    除了卡布其生技,還有創新生技、天新食品、禾園生技、台糖、優良食品公司,高達67家的下游廠商,全都中了加川興業的毒害,而且連大葉大學和高雄海科大也遭殃,所幸校方只是用來實驗,沒有生產食品,不過加川興業把有毒塑化劑賣給了這麼多廠商,第一時間卻沒有告知業者,涉嫌隱匿。 In addition to biotechnology khakis, as well as innovation and biotechnology, the day the new food, biotechnology Ho Park, Sugar, fine food companies, manufacturers of up to 67 downstream, all the poison in the Kagawa Societe Generale, and even the Da-Yeh University and Kaohsiung Hartcourt China also suffer, but fortunately the school just to experiment, there is no production of food, but Kagawa Societe Generale sold its toxic plasticizers so many manufacturers, the first time but failed to inform the industry, suspected of hiding.

    看看這成堆的有毒果汁口含錠和酵素粉,戕害了多少人的健康,加川興業卻沒有及時盡到告知義務,衛生單位可以依食品管理法開罰,最高可以罰15萬,而且1年內如果再犯,將被撤銷營業執照。 Look at the piles of toxic juice mouth with tablets and enzyme powder, how much harm human health, Kagawa Societe Generale has not fulfilled this obligation in time, health units can be opened by Food Control Act penalty, the maximum fine of 15 million, and 1 During the year if the offense, the business license will be revoked.

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