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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 Jun 4, 2011 2:16 AM Flag

    I hope China never forget about June 4th.


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    明天是六四事件22周年紀念,馬英九總統昨晚到政大與學生對談,師生問到六四的事,馬英九表示,關心六四不是炫耀台灣民主,而是希望大陸能寬待異議分子,目前在大陸的台灣民眾超過100萬人,身為總統也關心民眾會受什麼待遇,明天會發表談話,表達立場。 Tomorrow is the 22 anniversary of the Tiananmen incident, President Ma Ying-jeou and students at National Chengchi University last night to talk about what teachers and students asked to Tiananmen, Ma Ying-jeou said the concern is not to show off Tiananmen democracy in Taiwan, but to be lenient mainland dissidents, the current on the mainland more than 100 million people of Taiwan, as the president is also concerned about what people will be affected by the treatment, tomorrow will be issued a statement to express the position.
    政大邀請馬英九以「人文台灣夢想未來」為題,和青年學子談台灣未來願景,並與政大台灣文學研究所長陳芳明對談,吸引500多名學生參與,一半以上學生在場外透過戶外轉播觀看及問問題,氣氛熱絡。 National Chengchi University, invited Ma to "human dream of the future of Taiwan" as a theme, and the young students about Taiwan's future vision, and with long-Chen Fang-ming of Taiwan Literature at National Chengchi University on the talks, attracting more than 500 students to participate in more than half of students in off-site viewing through outdoor broadcast and ask questions, and the atmosphere warm.

    馬英九指出,六四已22年,有些感動至今不忘,很多人捐錢、抗議關心,從來沒看過台灣對大陸這麼關心,台灣捐了600多萬美元。 Ma pointed out that the Tiananmen has been 22 years, some moved so far not forget, many people donate money to protest care, never seen so concerned about Taiwan to the mainland, Taiwan has donated more than 600 million. 他自己也捐出三個月薪水共1萬美金,支持民運。 He also donated three months of salary of 1 million dollars to support pro-democracy movement.

    有陸生問馬是否出席明天自由廣場的六四紀念燭光晚會,馬英九表示,明晚他已有行程,不會出席;但在明天上午就會發表看法,他個人的看法比參與活動更重要。 Has asked Malaysia to attend a terrestrial free tomorrow candlelight vigil commemorating the Tiananmen Square, Ma Ying-jeou said that he had travel tomorrow, will not attend; but will comment tomorrow morning, his personal view is more important than participation.

    馬英九表示,他仍將呼籲大陸對民運人士更加寬容。 Ma Ying-jeou said he will appeal to those more tolerant of the mainland democracy movement. 他一向主張,人權是測試兩岸距離的重要指標;隨著兩岸交流更為緊密,人權議題也成為台灣關心的迫切議題,他將會持續關心大陸人權議題,並持續呼籲大陸推動民主自主。 He has always advocated that human rights are an important indicator of the test from both sides; with closer cross-strait exchanges, Taiwan's human rights issues have become pressing issues of concern, he will continue to care about the mainland human rights issues, and continue to appeal to the mainland to promote democratic autonomy.

    總統府發言人范姜泰基昨天表示,馬總統認為中國大陸的民主、自由、法治與人權,還有許多待改進空間,中華民國政府呼籲大陸當局應善待異議人士,使異議人士有更多表達異議的空間。 Taiji Fan Jiang presidential spokesman, said yesterday that China President Ma democracy, freedom, rule of law and human rights, there are a lot of room for improvement, the ROC government urged the mainland authorities should treat dissidents, the dissidents have more dissent space.

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