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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 Jun 24, 2011 9:17 PM Flag

    U.S. better agree selling F16 C/D to Taiwan.


    Taiwan President of the United States: United States called Taiwan not to mention the purchase F-16C / D
    特派員劉永祥華盛頓22日電 世界新聞網北美華文新聞、華商資訊 Commissioner Liu Yongxiang Washington 22 (Xinhua) Chinese News World News Network North America, Chinese Business Information
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    美台商會會長韓儒伯22日指出,台灣2007年後沒有再提出F-16C/D型戰機採購意向書,是因為布希政府及歐巴馬政府要求台灣不要提。 US-Taiwan Business Association, Korean Confucianism, 22, Peter pointed out that Taiwan is no longer made after 2007, F-16C / D fighters purchase letter of intent, because the Bush administration and the demands of Taiwan not to mention the Obama administration. 他質疑,接受意向書只是表示會考慮,並非同意出售,但美國政府卻連接受台灣的採購請求都不願意。 He questioned, but said they would consider receiving a letter of intent is not agreed to sell, but not even the U.S. government to accept Taiwan's purchase requests are not willing to.
    綠營與親綠媒體近來也批評,美國不出售F-16戰機,是因為馬政府不提意向書所致。 Pan-and pro-green media, has also criticized the United States not to sell F-16 fighters, because the Malaysian government not to mention a letter of intent due.

    「明明是美國政府叫台灣不要提。」韓儒伯在華府「國家政策中心」一場研討會上說,美國參議員魯加今年4月致函國務卿喜萊莉要求售台F-16C/D,國務院由主管法律事務的代理助卿麥克南斯(Joseph Macmanus)具名回覆魯加時卻推稱,「到目前為止,台灣沒有提出採購F-16C/D的意向書。」 "Clearly the U.S. government called Taiwan not to mention." Bo Han Confucianism in Washington, "National Policy Center," a seminar that the United States Senate wrote to Secretary of State in April Irongut Hillary asked to sell F-16C / D the State Council by the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Legal Affairs, Mike Nance (Joseph Macmanus) Reply Irongut Shique push named, said, "So far, Taiwan has not made procurement of F-16C / D Letter of Intent."

    韓儒伯表示,距離上次美國宣布對台軍售已17個月,美國啟動F-16C/D軍售作業,不但能推進這個採購案,更能讓整個對台軍售程序向前邁進;台灣曾三度提出採購意向書,都遭美國拒絕。 Bo Han Confucianism, said the United States announced arms sales to Taiwan since the last 17 months has been the U.S. launch F-16C / D sales operations, not only to promote the procurement case, and allow the arms sales process forward; Taiwan has filed three letters of intent to purchase, are rejected by the United States.

    韓儒伯表示,遲遲不同意出售F-16C/D給台灣,造成面臨中國大陸軍事威脅的台灣沒有足夠自衛能力,將影響美國在亞洲的利益;也會讓美國其他盟邦擔心,台灣的遭遇日後將發生在它們身上。 Bo Han Confucianism, said the delay agreed to sell F-16C / D to Taiwan, causing the military threat facing Taiwan, mainland China does not have sufficient self-defense capability, will affect U.S. interests in Asia; also allow other U.S. allies worried that Taiwan's experience the future will occur in their body. 同時,售台F-16C/D也有助美國經濟。 At the same time, to sell F-16C / D will also help the U.S. economy.

    美國財經分析公司帕理曼集團(Perryman Group)發表報告指出,台灣F-16C/D採購案可為美國增加87億美元經濟產出,44個州及華盛頓特區都會受益。 U.S. financial analyst manager Man Group Pa (Perryman Group) released a report that Taiwan's F-16C / D procurement case for the United States increased $ 8.7 billion in economic output, 44 states and Washington, DC, will benefit.

    另外,韓儒伯說,台灣提出的F16A/B性能提升案,去年9月後就一直卡在國務院。 In addition, Han Ju Bo said that Taiwan's F16A / B performance case, in September last year after the card has been in the State Department. 依目前進度,行政部門無法在今年年底前將同意這項軍售的決定通知國會,應會拖到明年3、4月。 According to the present schedule, the executive branch can not be agreed before the end of this year sales of the notice of the decision of the Congress, they will be dragged March or April next year.

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