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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 Jun 25, 2011 2:42 AM Flag

    1 oz Silver = 1 share TWX


    notice Gold prices is dropping due to strengthening of U.S. Dollar. Rising U.S. Dollar value is a trend now. Better watch out all commodities prices. World's farm and food organization are now fighting for food prices speculations right now. Better watch out. 28 countries are releasing their oil reserve. Better watchout oil prices downturns.

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    • Thanks for your incoherent diatribe moron. Tell you what - I will hold gold and silver for the next few years and you hold worthless pieces of paper backed by nothing except a bankrupt govt that is $100T debt that can never be paid back.

      HAHAHAHAHA! I can't believe how STUPID people are - what is the point in holding dollars with NO INTEREST when clearly inflation is rising. Holding worthless paper in a NEGATIVE REAL INTEREST RATE environment is the height of stupidity.

      Its what I'd expect the average dumbass to believe. No wonder this country is slipping into 3rd world status. Dumbed down goobers who believe every LIE from the media and govt.

      You better "WATCH OUT" goober! Watch out while the Fed and the USG pickpockets your savings via inflation and taxation WHICH GOLD IS IMMUNE TO!!! Why don't you go back to whatever country you came from and take some more English lessons.

      And don't forget - as long as the ratio is above 30:1 silver is the better buy.

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      • Tell you what everyone, I will race you to $100. See who gets there first!

        And if it goes to 20s still buying more. All the way down. We are running out of silver and its a lot more acute than say "Peak Oil" LOL!

        If stocks crash and silver miners go even lower than current valuations there will be no better way to mint money than buy these on a decline. Just like in 2008-09. It isn't different this time.

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