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  • festered festered Dec 4, 1997 12:31 AM Flag


    I also have gripes with certain aspects of AOL's operation, but recognize these problems as the transient growing-pains of an industry in its infancy. Beyond the negatives ... there is the undeniable fact that AOL is the most wondrous free-speech forum the world has ever seen ... and that ALL aspects of it will improve and grow along with this emerging/expanding technology.

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    • I have AOL and I dont experience any more disconnects than other services. I took a course online and we were given a free account fom earthlink. I experienced more disconnections w/Earthlink than I ever did with AOL. The only time I had a problem with AOL it turned out to be the modem. I called to cancel and they gave me a modem and I quit getting bumped off.

      I like that new product they have where it tells you if someone is calling while your online; I think they are pretty inovative.

    • have you checked the AOL list of the words you are not allowed to use on their almighty service? free speech is not censored!

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      • At down market.....

        I paste the information from other boad.

        1998 12:40PM EST

        01/09/98 [11:34EST] America Online Reiterated 'Sell' at Prudent(Bloomberger)--America Online Inc. (AOL US) was reiterated
        "sell" by anal-yst Paula M. Nerenblown at Prudent Securities.
        The 12-month target price is $19.00 per share.

      • And yet, in hundreds of hours logged in chats, I have seen only one person "TOS"ed (and this only a light "rebuke") for uttering listed "evil" words.

        An American reality is that there are laws against nearly all forms of human activity (especially those activities that many
        or most find pleasurable) ... but selectively enforced ... depending upon the offensiveness of the "perp" and the moral "mood"
        of the times. On AOL...unless a number of people complain of disruptive, inappropriate ( in the context of the topic and mood
        of the other participants) and gratuitous obscenity ... there is practically unlimited freedom of expression on any subject
        I can't imagine what permission YOU feel you are denied. Have you visited many chats lately? Hell ... I've "heard" everything imaginable in "bornagainonline" chats . To say nothing of what goes-on in the "member" rooms. LOL LOL
        AOL RULZ ... and I sold my stock this week at 92.
        I'll be back !!!

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