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  • knum knum Feb 2, 1998 12:31 PM Flag

    shorting AOL

    Remember, their are only two numbers that count:
    what you bought at and what you sold at...the pinch is on today, but may be long gone by the time earnings are released...I'll hang tight and wait for all who hold this high price monster to sell into the dicount sale on earnings day

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    • I would think that considering we're within 2 years of this potential problem they would have a better idea how they might be affected. I think
      they're probably more consumed with the already delayed AOL 4.0. From a December prospectus: Year 2000 Potential Problems The Company
      utilizes a significant number of computer software programs and operating systems across its entire organization, including applications used in
      operating the AOL Service, the Company's proprietary software, member services, network access, content providers, joint ventures and various
      administrative and billing functions. To the extent the Company's software applications contain source codes that are unable to appropriately
      interpret the upcoming calendar year 2000, some level of modification, or even possibly replacement of such applications, may be necessary. The
      Company has appointed a Year 2000 Task Force to perform an audit to assess the scope of the Company's risks and bring its applications into
      compliance. This Task Force is currently in the process of completing its identification of applications that are not Year 2000 compliant. In
      addition, the Company has begun to ask its vendors, joint venture partners and content partners about their progress in identifying and addressing
      problems that their computer systems may face in correctly processing date information related to the Year 2000. The Company is in the early
      stages of conducting its Year 2000 audit and therefore is unable to make a reasonable estimate of the costs associated with Year 2000
      compliance. Accordingly, no assurance can be given that any or all of the Company's or third party systems are or will be Year 2000 compliant or
      that the costs required to address the Year 2000 issue or that the impact of the Company's failure to achieve substantial Year 2000 compliance
      will not have a material adverse effect on the Company's business, financial condition or results of operations.

    • If you sell AOL for $99. Then buy some CYMI,EFII,FORE or AMAT. You probably will have good investment. Good luck!

    • I hope we can hold you to your word, that 1) you're off this board til after earnings; and 2) you'll be back on this board
      after earnings to eat your words with pyorrhea when you learn the stock is not going to tank as you devil's gospels' preach. If,
      on the other hand, the stock hits $70 on 2/7 (pre-split, or no split), I will publicly fall to my knees on this board and beg
      your forgivenesses. If, on the other hand, the stock stays, say, above 90 through earnings (I wouldn't call a retreat to 90 a
      tank), I'd kinda like to see the two of you eat a little humble pie publicly on this board... What say?

    • Your right, my man, and astutely called me to task. I use the words "short" and "scared" kinda interchangeably. Sell only if
      you think the stock is going to tank soon. That's why I don't understand why knumbnuts and pyorrhea continue to contaminate this
      board... if they're sold, then get lost. If they believe, then either buy or hold, and at least hope positively. They're preaching
      the devil's gospel, and I choose to think positively. Again, it AOL hit's $70 on 2/7, as pyorrhea predicted, I'll be back here
      kissing up to them. But, I'll bet we hear nothing from them if the stock stays above 95, as I predict it will. Good luck.

    • gtletchold,

      You said ".. but, my belief is, if you're short, sell; if you're long, hold... don't buy. "

      If one is short, then SELL? Which means short more???

      You sound extreamly bearish to me.
      I did short at $99 1/2 s days ago and I may see some positive cash flow soon.

    • Earnings will tell whos right or wrong..until then, we just have a lot of hype between guys know where I stand..I
      have sold my call straddle positions yesterday. I have also increased my put positions by purchasing 25 feb 100 puts after I sold
      my calls...I think you guys are going to look very silly after earnings...thats if you even come back to this board...I'm off
      this board until the earnings release...I cant stand to listen to you two anymore...see you after earnings and when AOL starts
      trading down in the third market.

    • These idiot's are put'r's trying desparatly to make some February Put money... but, my belief is, if you're short, sell; if you're long, hold... don't buy.

    • Paikhanaghar guy, let's truce Knumbnuts and Pyorrhea (is that how you spell pyrius) until after earnings, then we'll nuke um. OK?

    • You really are working hard to drive this stock to your predicted 2/7/97 price of $70, aren't you! Let's see, it's now mid-day 2/5, and price is $99 15/16! You're in big trouble with that prediction, my boy! God, if anyone is listening to this pyuris idiot, go immediately to your phone and call a shrink - any shrink - any will be better than reading this turkey.

    • When the market got a little shakey, AOL retreats hard. Good sign for shorters, reconfirmed earnings due 2/10 after close.

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